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WDsoft Pune's Banner Design Portfolio

Kadhai Hoarding Designed by WDSOFT
Kadhai Store Front Banner
Nilaya Poster Design Mockup
Store Front Banner for Nilaya Collection
Minerva College of Architecture Hoarding Designed by WDsoft Pune
Minerva College of Architecture Banner Designed by WDsoft Pune
RKC Hoarding design by wdsoft
RKC Hoarding Designed by WDsoft Pune
RKC signboard hoarding design by wdsoft
RKC Signboard Hoarding Design by WDsoft
Vertical Banner for Solapur Marathon
Shri Security Services Banner
Nilaya Collection Bus Stop Banner
Nilaya Collection Bus Stop Banner
Banner with strippling effect for Surya Builders
Banner with strippling effect for Surya Builders
R-Marc Hoarding Designed by WDsoft Pune
R-Mark Outdoor Banner
Exhibition Stall Design for Pharmaceutical Company Pune
Calix Life Sciences Exhibition Stall Banner
Solapur Marathon Hoarding Design by WDSOFT
Vertical Banner for Solapur Marathon
Road Side Divider Design by WDSOFT
Solapur Marathon Banner
ATQ Metro's exhibition booth design
ATQ Metro Exhibition Stall Banner
Wall Design and Internal Branding for a Fashion Boutique
Wall Design Banner for Geet Creation
R-marc Stall Design by WDSOFT
Stage Banner for R-Marc Fort Marathon

What is an Advertising BANNER?

Traditionally the term “banner” has been associated with an advertising platform – either cloth or PVC flex, bearing an advertising slogan, graphics and the company logo. With the emergence of the internet and subsequently the age of Digital Marketing, the term “Banner” has now come to be associated with the digital/web counterpart of the advertising platform. Nonetheless the spirit remains the same.

Advantages of Banner Advertising


A Banner is the most visible and noticeable form of advertising and aims to promote your brand. Banners have the power of building your brand by instantly creating a lasting impression on the viewers, delivering prompt results and being most cost effective marketing approach.


Banner advertising is an important aspect to communicate to your targeted audience about your products either by graphics or in an animated form. They certify your message is communicated effectively by incorporating exclusive graphics or innovative animation that works positively for your brand.


The main advantage and the most measurable benefit of banner advertising is its immediate response from your target market because it is directly linked to your website. It ensures increased website traffic and bigger sales for your business.


The self-contained images and the content in a banner attract the attention of your target audience and give your brand improved visibility, and ensures your product/service or any promotional offers is noticed by an increased number of potential customers.


Product/service banners help your audience recognize your brand and it is the most effective way of repeatedly informing your audience about your brand. Once you gain recognition, people start noticing your ads and associate it with your logo and name. This is why banners an important aspect to help create brand awareness among potential audience.


A banner advertisement positioned on selected and related websites ensures it attracts immediate response measurable with increased traffic to your website leading to increased sales for your business.

Outdoor Banner Advertising

Outdoor banners are also called as HOARDING, BILLBOARD, Out-Of-Home advertising and OOH advertising. The term “banner advertising” constitutes bulk of the outdoor advertising campaigns and encompasses a wide range of platforms of various sizes and shapes. Banner advertising remains the dominant and most preferred outdoor advertising platforms all over the world. But wait, digital marketing has expropriated the term “banner” from outdoor advertising, so is outdoor banner advertising still relevant? – you may ask. The answer is emphatic YES and in-fact it is ever more so relevant. The graph of the rise of digital marketing has naturally “plateaued” and leaves a lot of space for outdoor marketing, which is of-course dominated by BANNER Advertising. A recent study has revealed that in-fact outdoor advertising drives more online activity than web banner ads.

Web/Website Banners

These are the digital or web counterparts of the outdoor banners. The difference is that the web banners can be personalized, are dynamic, rich media loaded, are quantifiable and their performance is measurable, in the way that digital marketing is. Alike outdoor banners, web banners to come in various sizes and shapes. And again web banners are the most preferred form of digital advertising. Web banners come in various forms i.e skyscraper, leaderboard, wallpaper, interstitial etc. Web banners can feature rich media like animation, video, and sound. The sheer volume of online activity and the increasing realm of digital marketing has “snatched” the term “banner advertising” from outdoor media and lately has been come to be associated with the web.

So who wins?
Outdoor Banner or Web Banner

Both win. Both outdoor banners and web banners are right in their own way have got their own advantages and disadvantages. We understand that size does matter when it comes to advertising. While outdoor banners are huge and live a distinct mark on the minds of the viewers. But they are also expensive and there is no way to measure the performance of the outdoor advertising banners. On the other hand web banners are much smaller but are loaded with ” rich media ” and are highly targeted and can be customized to the user demographics, this results in higher conversion and better ROI. Also web banners are comparatively cheaper than outdoor banners.

WDsoft Banner Design Company in Pune

WDsoft Pune is known for its creative banner design at affordable prices.

We are a leading graphic designing company based in Pune with skilled and qualified designers who excel in producing high quality designs. Our wide-range of designing services include Web/Outdoor Banners, Logos, Packaging, Stall design, Graphic printing, Info-graphics, Corporate Identity Kits, Brochures and Flyers.

We are Versatile Banner Designers

Having designed banners and brand solutions for clients across a multitude of verticals, we are well versed with strategy, operations, strengths, weaknesses and audiences of all major business verticals. We have gained considerable "domain expertise" in major enterprises. This helps reduce the campaign design and deployment time and cost.

We understand the Audience

As an Creative Advertising Agency in Pune, we are adept in designing banners and other campaigns for audiences across various socio-economic strata. Before we go to the drawing board, our designers and brand strategists brainstorm over the demographics of your audience. With an experience of over 10 years in brand design, we understand that the banner (any branding campaign for that matter) should be designed to engage your audience and not to please the corporate bosses of the company. We do a thorough analysis of your audience, their age range, their taste, their lifestyle etc and then incorporate these factors in designing the advertising banners.
An astutely designed banner with the right advertising message and graphics, helps boost the brand identity. In today's age, banner advertising is not always about putting rich and affluent graphics but the right branding message that is relevant to the concurrent market, cultural and social circumstances. At WDsoft Branding Agency Pune your banner (outdoor or web) goes through a rigorous design process. Our banner design team consist not only of artists and graphic designers but content writers and branding experts. The banners we design for your company are consistent with your brand logo, your concurrent branding theme, audience mood, and other branding campaigns. Also the banners are relevant to YOUR audience. The banners carry the right punchline/slogan and message in plush English language. A banner designed with such precision and strategic planning featuring essential and informative content along with images is guaranteed to have a profound impact on your audience. Whether you want to improve brand awareness, launch a new product/service or let your marketing campaign reach your target audience, our professional and creative banners will drive your customers to your brand.

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