Corporate Video-Making Ideas for 2023

Corporate Video-Making Ideas for 2023

What are corporate videos?

In simple terms, corporate videos are informative non-advertisement videos shot by a business house for the purpose of internal or external organisational communication.
The term encompasses any type of content presented in the form of videos to disseminate information and messages pertaining to:

  • company’s progress
  • new initiatives
  • financial results
  • future plans
  • training and development
  • motivational messages and more.

Corporate videos

cater to members of an organisation, stakeholders, customers and clients associated with the organisation in some way. They are not meant to focus on entertainment but on sharing relevant information in business.

Why Corporate Video?

A myriad reasons necessitate creating and use of corporate videos such as: Catchiness and Appeal: Being a form of audio visual communication, corporate videos, like other genre, attract the mind and the senses. They are far more catchy and effective at creating an impact and sharing information than traditional means. Concise, to-the-point: Corporate videos are crisp, not very lengthy and compact. they convey important information promptly within a matter of minutes and exert the desired effect.

High Degree of Credibility: Corporate videos are widely regarded as a trusted and reliable source of information. They offer greater transparency, are accepted as evidence by law and make it easier to understand things. Good Rankings on Google: Search engines like Google have started featuring videos like never before, so making a good corporate video will work wonders for your product/ service. Easy to Share: It’s now very easy to share corporate videos on different platforms (e.g. social media) to engage with audiences, which guarantees them a wider reach. How to make Corporate Video/Process and Concept Make sure you start the process of making a corporate video by taking into consideration the following pointers:

  • Be clear about the purpose
  • Form a good team
  • Sit together and brainstorm in the team
  • Get pre-production, production and post-production right.

Pre-production- It is concerned with planning, conceptualising and understanding the spirit of the specific subject matter: It is about identifying the message and important points before getting down to work towards it also about:

  • Making a script and building a storyboard
  • Interviewing members of the organisation
  • Including achievements, a glimpse into the premises and events organised by the company

Production- It is concerned with the actual shooting process and includes:

  • Location for making the video
  • Using good equipment to shoot
  • Getting angles, lighting effects, sound quality and appearance of people featuring in it right
  • Making the video look sleek, easy on the eye, cohesive and appealing

Post-Production- This stage is about editing the video, verifying information given in it and looking after all technical aspects.It is also about having a look at the overall video quality and compatibility with social media platforms to broadcast them. Playing the video in front of select people, obtaining their feedback and making changes accordingly before making it live is highly recommended at this stage.

Guidelines for Corporate Video General strategies given below besides the steps mentioned above will be helpful if you’re going o make a corporate video:

  • Conveying truthful information and facts
  • Sharing it with a well-made target audience comprising employees, authorities, clients, marketers, etc.
  • Networking
  • Making an emotional connect with the audience
  • Taking feedback from viewers and learning from it
  • Follow-up
  • Mastering technical and consistency aspects Suggested length of Corporate Video People in the corporate world are hard-pressed for time, hence brevity is one of the crucial factors to keep in mind while making one.

According to research, corporate videos are ideally of two minutes or lesser duration which can touch approximately three minutes (rarely four or five) in some cases. Keeping your corporate video short and crisp is what you need to do. Content of Corporate Video It goes without saying that corporate videos are made primarily for professional purposes and not for entertainment. The chief areas that corporate videos cover include:

  • Important information about the company, its objectives and background
  • Company’s growth since its inception
  • members of the organisation
  • New plans of the company
  • Training and development
  • Financial results
  • Motivation and raising employee morale
  • Building goodwill
  • Latest updates in the industry and anything crucial that can come up at any point of time.

How to promote Corporate Videos Simply put, first and foremost, your video should have engaging, real content and must be shot well. Along with that, you should also:

  • Put your video on your website
  • Optimise your corporate video for search (opt for good SEO processes)
  • Figure out the right video thumbnail- have a smiling human face for best results
  • Have your video campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)
  • Ensure there are Share buttons

Encourage people to share your corporate video with others Examples of Good Corporate Videos While this is a somewhat subjective analysis, the following corporate videos that have captured the attention of viewers are made by the following companies:

  • Apple’s 30th Birthday anniversary ad (shot entirely on iPhone)
  • Twitter
  • Google Assistant
  • Cocoon Networks
  • Shopify Ideas for Corporate Video for Colleges Making corporate videos for colleges is quite different from making regular corporate videos.

Naturally, it includes an element of freshness and fun. Since college students would be the main target audience here, incorporating features that youngsters find interesting would work in a corporate video for colleges. Including themes like friendship, bonding and love in some way in the videos is also sure to captivate students’ attention. Tips to impress people in college, incorporating latest fashion and trends in visuals, popular music as background score, common problems teenagers face and solutions would also help. Making slick videos with great visuals, models and settings is also sure to work and help you achieve your goals.

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