Manufacturing Company Logo Design Ideas, Examples, Strategy & Services

Manufacturing Company Logo Design Ideas, Examples, Strategy & Services

Logo Design Ideas for Manufacturing Companies | Industrial & Manufacturing Logo Design Guide

In this guide we will explore various Industrial & Manufacturing logo design ideas. Industrial and Manufacturing Logo design principles differ from that of logos of other businesses like B2C. We will explore various shapes, logotypes, words, colours etc, we at WDSOFT Logo Design Agency focus on, while designing a logo for a Manufacturing company. We will also see what characters [of the Organization] to consider while designing “Industrial” type logos.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 1 – Choosing the Right Shapes for the Logo

A shape of the logo reflects on the character of the Organization. For example, Precision, Trust, Strength, Energy are some of the few characters that you associate with the Manufacturing Industry. So it is imperative to use the shapes that personify these characters of the Organization.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 2 – Triangle

The sharpness of a triangle gives a sense of “Perfection”. A Triangle in an Industrial or a Manufacturing Logo signifies “Precision”, “Accuracy” and “Energy”. One a side note, a triangle has a deep spiritual meaning and is associated with the intrinsic principles of life. The triangle shape makes a logo compact and robust. Precision or Accuracy is a key feature of any Manufacturing company and hence it is prudent to use triangle shape in the logo. You can either design the entire logo in a shape of a triangle or have the features of a triangles incorporated in the logo

Example: ATQ Metro, IQS Systems

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 3 – Square & Rectangle

Square or Rectangular shapes [or semi shapes with a 90 Degree Angle] signify Stability, Reliability and Conformity. These are important attributes of any Manufacturing Industry. Conformity is another important attribute that Manufacturing Industries tend to focus on, since many Industrial B2B Companies have a very specific profile.

Example : Dream Homes, Minerva Prefling, Engineering

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 4 – Oval or Rounded Shapes

You won’t find many Manufacturing companies using an Oval or rounded shapes in their logos unless they want to focus on a different set of attributes of the Organization. Oval [Or Rounded] shapes signify Love, Friendship, Social Values, Relationship etc, which kind of make these shapes ODD to be used in a Manufacturing Industry’s logo. You can see many B2C, FMCG and Retail companies using these kinds of shapes in their logos because these shapes connect them with their target customers, emotionally. In the case of B2B Industrial and Manufacturing Companies Business values take precedence, most of the time.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 5 – Colours to use in Industrial / Manufacturing Logos

The Manufacturing company’s logo should be in colours that are Reliable, Confident. Intelligent like dark green, blue, and grey or black scale and these colours also give serious look or if you are choosing bright colours, go for yellow because yellow is highly noticeable. Manufacturing companies should keep the colours simple for the logo. Colours are known to improve brand recognition by 80% that is the reason one should pay more attention to choosing the colours for your company’s logo. Always keep printing in mind while designing the manufacturing logo, the colours of the logo should look the same in prints as appearing digitally.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 6 – Logo Typography

Choosing the perfect typography is as important as choosing colours, as typography indicates the tone of your text. Always use typography that stands for your company’s personality whether it is traditional, modern, casual, artistic or professional serious etc. Bold and classic fonts like Sans-Serifs are good choices to make a strong serious and professional appearance. Manufacturing companies are professional and serious so it is necessary to keep the aspects of the logo such as colours, typography, shape etc more professional, decent and serious. Unlike informal or casual.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 7 – Layout

If you are using other elements for your logo such as graphics, keep it mature for forming the manufacturing company’s logo. Always choose minimal layouts for the manufacturing company’s logo.

Follow the less is more rule, you can choose layout between keeping only symbol or only name. If your manufacturing company’s logo incorporates both the symbol and the name make sure it has enough room for both. And make it compact so that it can be easily placed on various mediums like business cards, letterheads, brochures, digital presence, banners etc.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 8 – Symbol

Symbol is optional while adding the symbol in the manufacturing company’s logo should be relevant to what product the company is manufacturing. Make sure the symbol is adding meaning to the logo. Symbol could be anything like a shape or a number. The symbol should complement other aspects of the logo and looks complete brand identity

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 9 – Monogram logos

A monogram logo design is a kind of design that is a combination of one to three letters to create a symbol out of it. The letters are commonly initials of your company’s name. Monogram is the oldest and most classic type of designing the logo and is best suitable for manufacturing firms. If you choose your company name’s initials to be the logo monogram is the choice.

You can choose the letters and decoratively present them using illustrations, typography etc. But it should be in a simple way for a manufacturing company to keep professionalism and maturity. Life’s Good (LG), H&M, Hewlett-Packard (HP), HBO, IBM, NASA are some famous examples of monogram logo design.

The monogram logos can be initials as well as initials with numbers. The designers can experiment with the layout, shape and alignment of the initial to make a creative logo. For example examine the logo of brand Chanel, Gucci etc. To use the monogram logo design, keep in mind all the standards regarding manufacturing companies such as colours, layout, typography, and symbol.

Example: 7up, 3M etc. Chanel, Gucci Life’s Good (LG), H&M, Hewlett-Packard (HP), HBO, IBM

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 10 – Wordmarks

Wordmark logo design involves the name of your brand or company, you can choose a Wordmark logo design for manufacturing the company’s logo if the name of the company is enough to catch the attention and no need for symbolic elements. If your company’s name is longer you can cut down the name in initials to make it easier for mass to remember and the designer to design the logo. Wordmark is a good choice for you if you want your company to be known by its name. But keep in mind the name should not be too long otherwise it will look crowded and messy and hard to remember.

wordmarks logo design is all about keeping the logo simple to watch and easier to read. It is a perfect choice for the manufacturing company’s logo as it appears simple and mature. For example Google. Wordmark logo designs are a time saviour you need to find a simple and professional font for manufacturing a company’s logo designing using the Wordmark logo design.

You can choose sans serif, Helvetica, Baskerville etc fonts for manufacturing the company’s logo with decent, strong and serious colour pallets such as blue, grey, dark green and black. To make your logo stand out you can simply add character features by keeping a letter different from other letters, by keeping the letter’s size, shape or colour different from the rest. Wordmark logo designs are the most used design in the manufacturing industry because it is straightforward.

Example Kirloskar

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 11 – Pictorial marks

Pictorial marks are icons that are being used as logos, an example would be better to explain and the best examples for pictorial marks is apple’s logo. Pictorial mark logos are those by which looking at an icon one should recognise the brand. A pictorial mark logo could be an icon or a graphic design, which is a signature image of a brand. It is mostly used by well-established brands. A manufacturing company can use pictorial mark logos when the icon designers using, have to be strongly connected to what product the company is manufacturing. Choosing the right icon, image or graphic one thing to consider is the icon should elaborate the whole story of your brand or firm.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 12 – Combination Logo

A combination logo is a fusion of the above types of logo designs, it can be Abstract logo marks with Wordmarks, Wordmark with pictorial mark, monogram with abstract logo mark and pictorial etc. It is up to the designer and the concept holding behind the logo to make a combination and build a logo for the firm. A combination logo is adaptable and we can use our creativity to form a logo. A manufacturing company can experiment with a logo by choosing a combination logo, with an image or icon and the company’s name. But the guideline of forming a manufacturing company’s logo has to be followed to make an ideal logo. Examples of combination logos: MRF tires etc.

Manufacturing Logo Design Idea 13 – Do’s and Don’ts while designing the logo for the Manufacturing Company

Manufacturing Logo Design Dos

  • Do research, study your competitor’s logo and avoid any kind of similarities
  • Keep it simple, clean and easy to read. Use simple fonts, typos, layouts.
  • Plan your logo according to printings and digital existence.
  • Use two or three colours maximum.
  • Design variations, keep 2 or 3 options
  • Keep the current trends in the mind
  • Use serious and mature looking fonts, colours and other elements for, the manufacturing company. Use colour theory and physiology.
  • Use only relevant elements for the logo which are meaning full and express the company.
  • Hire professional designers for an ideal logo for manufacturing company’s logo designing.
  • Take feedback from others

Manufacturing Logo Design Don’ts

  • Do not copy the logo or any element from another company’s logos.
  • Avoid using too many elements, colours or text, do not complicate.
  • Do not make it too detailed.
  • Stay consistent does not change your logo frequently.
  • Do not use many fonts in a logo; do not use too many colours in the manufacturing company’s logo.
  • Avoid using irrelevant colours and funky colours for manufacturing the company’s logo.
  • If you have no experience, avoid doing it by yourself.

Manufacturing Logo Case studies

The Arch

August Thyssen-Hütte AG, is a well-known steel business, the name of the company was selected again in 1953 in memory of the company’s founder. The new logo was introduced in April 1967 with the combination of circles, polygons and letters. Which were related elements of August Thyssen-Hütte AG.

When August Thyssen-Hütte AG was holding majority shares in Rheinstahl AG in 1973 it was assumed that the new company will adopt the Thyssen logo, But August Thyssen-Hütte AG was convinced by the executive board to adopt the modernity and Rheinstahl arch’s symbolic value. On January 12, 1976, they introduced the “Thyssen” arch as the standard logo.

In March 1976 two company’s identities were merged in a single logo, they replaced the yellow “Rheinstahl” text with blue “Thyssen” and kept the “arch” as a central element linking the rest together.

Rheinstahl chooses the design in the early 1950s the publication of the annual report for the years 1948 to 1953 gives rise to the wish for a company logo. Blue and yellow, was the chosen colours for the logo, the colours of the city of Essen. The yellow lettering Rheinstahl on the blue arch is a reference to the company’s home town. The logo was formed with a combination of lettering and colour theories.

The Bosch

From “burning magnet” logo to “sparking armature” and then after “armature in a circle” the borsch’s logo has evolved modern over the years. To get commercially registered according to the German trademark law, Robert Bosch also registered his first trademark on March 3, 1899, which was a “burning magnet” logo that is the perfect reflection of the production of the company.

After years Gottlob Honold, the chief engineer refreshed the company’s logo. The “burning magnet” was replaced by “armature in a circle”, again a great modified and perfect symbol for the industry Bosch serves.

Bosch became the pioneer of keeping the logo simplest and most recognisable. In 1926, Robert Bosch wrote: “A trademark must also be simple, which is why the famous, good trademarks, the best of the crop, are plain line drawings. Trademarks must be simple and clear if they are going to make an impression and be easily remembered:” it’s been more than a hundred years “armature in a circle” representing the Bosch.

An American multinational corporation, that serves in fuel-system, filtration equipment and electric motors. From 1919 to the present Cummins company evolved its logo five times.

In 1919 the logo was huge with a lot of text and mauve and occur yellow colour. In 1944 Cummins changed their logo completely using black n red colour with abstract elements such as circles and rectangles with ribbons. There was a theory behind the logo. In 1965, they understood the mistake they had been making by keeping the logo complicated. They redesigned the logo and this time it was just “across” with a yellow vertical rectangle and black horizontal rectangle on it. And they added the name “Cummins” on a black horizontal rectangle using a very simple font.

In 1965, Cummins again redesigned their logo, the old logo was now replaced by just an initial “C”. Along with the name “Cummins”. It is very noticeable that they modified their logo over the years and made it more compact and simple. In 1976, they changed their logo again, this time they made the letter “c” dark red bigger and thicker and wrote “Cummins” on it in white. By the time in 2006, they changed the colour of the letter “c” to white. And put the letter “c” in a square orange in a colour, and kept the name “Cummins” also orange.

The logo is the first representative of your manufacturing company hence we make sure it has a very meaningful appearance. Following the above points will lead you to design an ideal logo for a manufacturing company’s logo.

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