Real Estate Branding in 2023 | Services, Strategy, Examples & Ideas

Real Estate Branding in 2023 | Services, Strategy, Examples & Ideas

Real Estate Branding 2021

“Branding is all about communicating the core values of the Organization. The Goal of Real Estate Branding is to create unique identity and develop TRUST in the minds of the perspective home buyers.”

Often Branding is confused with Marketing and Advertising, which it is not. Branding or Brand development is an elaborate process of crafting the

Core Brand Values of Real Estate Businesses

Brand Values of a a Real Estate Company are the extension of its CORE Values, Mission and Vision

Real Estate Core Values

The core values of a real estate business depend up on the type of business. For example a real estate developer may want to develop TRUST in the minds of his audience and hence his branding strategy would focus on that. While a Real Estate agency would have a different sets of core values with focus on CUSTOMIZED SERVICES. A realtor serves clients with a variety of necessities, from budget home buyers to commercial properties so he would want his brand value to reflect on this aspect of his business.

Then there are core values that are common for both developers and real estate agencies like – integrity, quality, responsibility, commitment, customer satisfaction etc. Once you identify the core values, these can be easily integrated into the brand messaging and advertisements.

Brand Positioning

This is where you make your brand unique and distinctive. Here you want to ask yourself how do you want to portray yourself as a brand different from others, this can be very tricky as this phase decides how your brand would be perceived distinctively different from your real estate competitors.

Brand positioning is always in relation to your competitors. What is it that makes you different and these can be a lot of things. Brand positioning is not something that you portray but rather it is an attribute of your business that emerges when your audience interact with your brand image.

Though brand positioning is perceived differently by individual prospects, it does have a greatest common factor.

Your way of messaging, branding style, core brand values etc. play important role in brand positioning. Thankfully, brand positioning is a flexible quality of your brand, with a robust strategy and core values you can change the positioning of your real estate brand.

From a Real Estate Developer’s perspective, it could be a luxury-based positioning, a budget-friendly company, a company that emphasizes on quality, or a company that chooses the best locations. If you think about it – all real estate companies have a specific positioning in the market. Some are known for their ultra-luxurious features, some are known for properties in East Pune, some are known for unbeatable construction quality, while others are known for the best service.

WDSOFT Branding Agency specializes in establishing Brand Positions for real state businesses

A real estate company has a unique brand identity

Sub Brands

Real Estate companies have various “sub-brands” given the fact that each project in itself is a different brand having its own “brand attributes” but the same core values inherited from the parent company. Sub-branding calls for designing new logos with different personalities and brand messages. For example a real estate company can have a project of luxury homes, the same company can have budget apartments and a commercial project that is all together different. In such circumstances you cannot use the same branding strategy as that of the parent company as the brand messaging could sound deviating from the character of the real estate project being considered. Sub-brands can have different value proposition based on the attributes and character of the deliverables.

Real Estate Branding Strategy

Whether it is a Real Estate Agency or a Real Estate Construction Company, the strategy calls for two-pronged approach, first to communicate the core values to the target audience and second to create an unique visual identity with the right “message”.

Today, effective branding means a lot more than just an eye-catchy logo or one-of-a-kind design template for your website or your brochure. Branding strategy should be intentional where all media and communication come together in a single voice to deliver one central message. Building a successful brand strategy requires understanding your audience and defining how you are better equipped to handle their needs compared to your competitors. Once you keep this your consistent focus and derive a strategy around what problems you can solve and how you solve them better, you are on the way to building a prominent real estate brand.

You don’t have to look elsewhere for the elements of branding. As we see in the next section the brand values are the extension of the “core values” of your organization.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 1- Marketing Collaterals

Your various marketing material like the brochures, flyers, office stationery, business cards are the platforms where you should radiate the essence of your core values. You can use these platforms to spread the brand awareness in the form of relevant messaging. Your office stationery, interior and merchandise are also the right platform to showcase your brand values. Stages of brand development Set of messages not just one. Powerful merchandise of your staff, office interior.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 2 – Developing Brand Messaging

Brand messaging in real estate is that one statement that summarizes your core values, vision and mission. There can be several brand messages for a real estate business not just the one that is part of the logo. Brand Voice Brand Messaging Brand Statement Creativity Logo Taglines Internal Branding and Merchandise Office Stationery In real estate brand colors real estate brand taglines.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 3 – Developing the Brand Statement

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 4 – Branding Increases Real Estate Sales

Contrary to popular belief that branding is only for recall or to build customer perception, branding plays a major role in sales, especially in real estate. After the lockdown and pandemic challenges, customers are now looking for real estate properties that ensure stability and security in the years to come. They want real estate developers who will assure timely possession, deliver transparency in all the dealings and have a reputation in the industry. As a result, customers are only buying from real estate companies that have built a brand in metro cities like Pune. If you’re a real estate company who wants to boost sales, only marketing will not help. You may have the biggest hoarding in Pune or the most viral Facebook video, but unless you have a brand in the minds of your customers, they won’t choose you

Once you define your brand values, it is important to communicate them through different channels like social media, print media, outdoor media, etc. For a customer, knowing what your brand stands for will often be the deciding factor in the buying process. Statistics confirm this – 89% of shoppers tend to stay loyal to the brands that share their values.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 5 – The Creative Aspects of Branding

Once you derive your brand anatomy and lay the foundation of building your brand, it’s time to get real. Creative aspects play an equally important role in defining your brand perception in customers’ minds. For instance, the design of Chumbak portrays it as a quirky and fun brand while the design of Nike showcases more of a sporty and fitness outlook. When you look at the designing of hospitality, you’ll notice a vast difference in the design of a premium corporate hotel like Novotel as compared to the design of a resort in Goa. In your brand development process, you must first define what your brand is and what it stands for, and then get to the designing part.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 6 – Designing The Brand

The real estate logo design will be the first communication with your customers and hence, it should prominently convey your brand’s values and ideas to your customers. Choosing the perfect fonts, colours, and design elements are essential while creating the logo. Did you know that colour improves brand recognition by up to 80%? That’s why you must have consistent colours across all your branding. You can take the help of a design service agency to find the perfect colours that align with your brand development. 1/3 of the world’s top 100 brands have the colour blue in their logo – would you like to include it, too? Talk to WDSOFT today to strategize which colours will best suit your branding activities

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 7 – Writing the Brand Story

Just like the design matters for a brand, the tagline is equally important. Don’t we all remember Just Do It for Nike? When creating the real estate tagline, think about what you want to communicate and keep it short and simple – something that your customers will relate to and can connect with. Similarly, while writing the marketing slogans for your properties, it’s important to build a story that customers will instantly bond over – it could be the final fulfillment of a dream home, the first step towards successful entrepreneurship with a commercial store or a plot that grows in value and helps families realize all their other dreams.

2023 Real Estate Branding Strategy 8 -The Ultimate Brand Positioning

Once your design and taglines are ready, you need to derive on a brand positioning for your real estate company. It could be a luxury-based positioning, a budget-friendly company, a company that emphasizes quality, or a company that chooses the best locations. If you think about it – all real estate companies have a specific positioning in the market. Some are known for their ultra-luxurious features, some are known for properties in East Pune, some are known for unbeatable construction quality, while others are known for the best service. More than 73% customers love a brand because of great customer service! You can create your brand positioning with the help of a real estate branding service for the best results. WDSOFT has been one of the most experienced and trusted real estate agencies offering end-to-end branding services to clients for many years. If you’re ready to convert your business into a brand, we’re waiting for you!

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