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3Di Green Interior Designers office stationery and marketing collateral.

Office stationery, letterhead, envelopes, business cards and marketing collateral designed as part of the Corporate Identity Program.

ATQ Metro's exhibition booth design

Exhibition Stall designed for ATQ Metro Engineering B2B Company Pune.

Marketing Collateral Designed for a Boutique

Total brand identity solution designed for a fashion boutique, includes - letterhead design, flyer design, envelope design, visiting card and office stationery.

Branding Collateral Designed for Grocery Supermarket

Office stationery, Branding and Marketing Collateral designed for a grocery supermarket.

Communication collateral designed for Surya Builders Pune.

Communication collateral designed for Surya Builders Pune

Exhibition stall designed by WDsoft Pune for Calix Life Sciences

Exhibition stall designed by WDsoft Pune for Calix Life Sciences

3Di Green Branding

3Di Green Branding

Corporate Identity Brand Program designed for a finance company

Corporate Identity Brand Program designed for a finance company

What is Brand Design?

The most important thing to consider when building a brand for a new company is the type of audience you want to target. Emotion, a factor that is often overlooked by graphic designers because they assume that the essential factor is that it works as a whole, instead what matters is the message you want to convey and what you want to represent. It is crucial to pick a name that perfectly expresses a concept you want to convey. This is where the logo design is important. A logo is a graphic which displays a combination of image and font colors. Brand design contains in itself all the processes listed above that makes up your corporate identity, and it also consists of a whole chain of accessories required by a company for their visual communication: paper, packaging, business crads, merchandise, brochures, flyers, business accessories for customers and employees.


  • Brand Identity is really 'how' a business wants the consumer to perceive its brand.
  • Brand identity design helps a brand communicate effectively with its target audience.
  • Brand identity is a combined message conveyed through the brand name, logo, style and visuals.

Brand identity and brand image are two different concepts. "Brand identity" is created by the brand itself with the aim of spreading a strong message to its consumers whereas brand image is the perception of the brand in the minds of the customers.

The primary concern for each brand is the view of the brand in the mind of its clients. Strategic branding utilizes the segments of brand identity design including brand name, logo, styling and related visuals to fabricate a positive brand picture. Dynamic development is characterized as the aftereffect of a focused on 'brand identity' design that associates definitively with clients and prospects. Brand identity design applies an innovative way to deal with construct an amazing and constructive brand experience both on online and offline. It is critical for brands to convey what's guaranteed to keep up a positive brand profile.

Addicted to Perfection - WDsoft is a result-oriented zealous Brand Design Company based in Pune, INDIA. We have over 10 years of rigorous experience in creating 360 degree branding solutions and brand designing concepts with sublime creativity. Having designed and deployed branding strategies for all the major verticals - we possess critical thinking, sound analytical skills, strong insights of client's vertical and their audience. With our background, knowledge and experience we can boost your BRAND's IDENTITY to the next level. We are proficient in designing Brand Strategies and Brand Identity building solutions for clients big or small and from varied verticals.

Targeted Brand Design and Development - The cosmos of Branding and Advertising offers endless possibilities and choices from outdoor to digital. With so many solutions it can be confusing, overwhelming and time-consuming to plan your Brand Design and Development strategy. Leave your Brand Design Strategy grind to us. With our extensive knowledge and experience you are guaranteed hefty Return on Investment as your Branding campaigns are directed towards target audience with greatest visibility.

Teamwork - Our brand design team in Pune comprises of business development professionals, brand strategists, artists, designers and content writers who work together to create the perfect Brand Design solution for your business. Hiring us as your Brand Consultant means you are assured of sophisticated Brand design campaigns and resources that effortlessly connect with your audience. We are readily available to help you at every stage and to save your time, effort and money by seamless execution of your branding campaigns - Online and Outdoor.

We Adapt - We do not believe in "package deals". When it comes to Brand Design our approach is to offer customized solutions to our client because we believe every business is different and unique in itw own way.

Mutually Beneficial Relationship - We believe in a mutually symbiotic relationship with our relations with our clients. Every client teaches us something new, working with our clients only enriches our knowledge. So big or small we are open to all clients across all verticals.

We are Versatile - As a reputed Brand Design company in Pune we have successfully designed and executed branding solutions across plethora of verticals - Real Estate, Construction and Infra, Small and Medium Scale Industries, Healthcare, Hospitals, Medical Practitioners, Educational Institutes, Schools, Colleges, Coaching, Hotels, Restaurants, Hospitality, Spa, Leisure - just to name a few.

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