WDsoft Pune Label Design Company

WDsoft Pune is a well-known graphic design company in Pune that offers label designing services for a wide range of consumer products including food, beverages, Pharma, life-sciences, FMCG etc. We at WDsoft Pune have over a decade’s experience in corporate identity branding with services like logo design, brochures and packaging design, websites, vinyl banners, posters and anything else you want. We are focused on conceptualising, strategizing, communicating and then creating what our valued customers want- top quality expressions of creative excellence that aptly reflect their vision.

A look at our portfolio will give you an idea about the nature of diversity in our work. For which our existing customers keep coming back to us. We feel privileged to serve their newly emerging needs successfully through the projects they regularly entrust us with.

About Product Label Design

Label design involves designing and developing labels that we see on products we use. Traditionally product labels have not associated with creativity and innovativeness as such, truth is that they really do enhance the appeal of a product and grab customers’ attention.

Labels, therefore, are best designed by professional graphic designers who add a touch of creativity and charm to them. Sellers are also acutely aware of the role that labels play in making of their products stands out in the crowd. Hence, they don’t mind investing in getting well-designed labels for their products as that is what their competitors are also doing to have an edge.

Summing up our USP…

WDsoft Pune is famed for infusing innovativeness in every creative endeavour it undertakes. Qualities that draw our first time customers back to us again and again are:

  • Affordability and outstanding professional end results
  • No tradition of outsourcing- every task done in-house
  • Effortlessness and promptness in service
  • Unparalleled quality in label designing
  • Unlimited revisions of designs at no additional cost
  • System of communicating over email with customers for convenience

Our Commitment…

We have high experienced and creative graphic design team and value it as it has delivered outstandingly every single time we were faced with challenges. Our team, which comprises graphic designers, marketing professionals and project managers, is a pro at creating the best label and transforming the image of your product with conviction.

All you have to do is contact us, give us a brief explaining your objective and an idea about the way you want your label or packaging to look. Within two business days, you’ll get the first draft of our design, which will be open to any number of revisions until you are completely satisfied and happy.

Time Taken for Designing a Label

We take up to three business days to share the first draft of the label design and two business days for each revision. Although the timeframe for each project differs, two weeks are normally required to complete a typical project.

Factors like intricacy and nature of the label, details like sizes, weights, constituents, barcode, company logo and other components along with how fast they are provided to us determine the time period of completing it. Your feedback and ensuing communication are also to be considered here.