Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Why Content is So Important?

Content Writing Company PuneIn the online marketing arena it is often said "Content is King" and CONTENT takes the PRIME position in the SEO checklist. No wonder why CONTENT is so important, content is information and is to the core of the ONLINE world and SEO Industry. So it is prudent that you get the Content for your website CREATED from professional Content Writers.

But there is a potential pitfall that many online marketers often don't realize. "Content is Repetitive". Yes information is often repeated across the internet. For example description of a product is the same on many websites, we often notice this and move on to next website in hope of finding something new. Repetitive content is boring for both humans and Search Engines.

One may wonder what's wrong with the content being repeated?

Repeated Content is bad for your online business and SEO. Your ranking in the SERPs mostly depends upon the UNIQUENESS of the content of your website. Lets understand this with a REAL-WORLD example.

Benefits of having a Good Content

Say you are an Online Retailer who sells electronic gadgets online. You get an swanky, appealing e-commerce website designed from a web designer and list your products in it and you have the most competitive prices that your customers cannot refuse. You are expecting a windfall from your online business website but you are terribly disillusioned when you see that your website is not at all generating sales. What do you do? You hire a SEO/SEM expert or a firm and ask him the question "Why am I not generating SALES from my website when I am having the best offers?"

The SEO/SEM people tell you that your website receives hardly any visitors because your website does not rank higher in Search Engine Results Pages for the relevant keywords. The reason your website does not rank higher in the SERPs is because your competitor's page listings are firmly "entrenched" in the their positions at the top of the SERPs. So how do you break the shackles and make it through to the top? ANSWER - Mostly through unique informative content.

CONTENT Decides your Position in Search Engines

Search Engine's like Google use mathematical algorithm to determine which website (web-page to be precise) would gain a particular position in the SERPs. There are various factors that affect the ranking of the website but the CONTENT of the website (or webpage) plays most crucial and deciding role in the RANKING ALGORITHM. So to cite the above example again, there are ten different sellers for the same product and they all have the same content for the product (which is but natural). So how do you stand out from the others when you are selling the same product. The answer is UNIQUE and CREATIVE CONTENT.


Our content writers are constantly searching for new themes and ideas and concepts to write distinctive and outstanding content for your website. At WDsoft our content writers make CREATIVE, ENTICING, UNIQUE and INFORMATIVE Content for your websites, product and service web-pages, blogs and SOCIAL MEDIA (Facebook, LinkedIN, Instagram, Twitter etc). We have 10 years of experience in Content Writing for all sorts of segments and websites - Online Retailing, Real Estate, Hospitality, Hotels and Restaurants, Small scale Industries, Infrastructure and Construction, Travel and Tourism, Healthcare (Hospitals, Doctors and Medical Practitioners), Educational Institutes (Schools, Colleges, Coaching), Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) and Social Welfare Organizations, etc and more.

We have the best Content Writers in Pune to Create the BEST Content for your website. We offer following Content Writing Services:

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