Content Writing for Social Media

Social Media is Content Driven

Yes, Social Media is Content Driven. As a result-oriented Content Writing Company in Pune we understand that CONTENT is the most important element of Social Media Marketing strategy. People engage with informative, creative and catchy Social Media Content.

Importance of Social Media

As a provider of Social Media Content Writing Services, we have witnessed how Social Media has evolved as a game changer for businesses. The Social Media platforms are not only being utilized for social networking but also for for promoting business, brand, products & services etc. The introduction of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Flickr, and other Social Media behemoths has caused a chunk of users to move away from traditional search engines (such as – to these social media websites. Social Media Marketing has enormous potential, and Industry experts believe that in a few years, Social Media might exceed Search Engines in terms of user base. According to experts, it won’t be surprising if, in the coming years, Facebook or another Social Media Giant replaces as the primary Internet identity. Over the years, Parallelly to the Search Engines, Social Media has emerged as a great tool to connect with your potential customers, increase brand awareness, to grow your audience, to increase engagement, to drive traffic to your website, to generate sales/leads and more. And the CONTENT plays an important role in creating successful Social Media campaigns.

Website Content vs Social Media Content

Social Media content is distinct from traditional website content, though it does complement the website content. THE CONTENT ON SOCIAL MEDIA IS LIVE AND Dynamic. Traditional websites cannot compete with the ability of social media sites to communicate with their audiences. You may encourage your audience to comment on, like, share, and tag your online content, which is not doable with a regular website. Engaging with your target audience on social media platforms builds trust & confidence as it is a 2-way communication. Social Media Content has the potential of going viral which the traditional website content lacks. As a result, it may be successfully employed to disseminate information.

Social Media Content Strategy

WDSOFT Pune has been providing Social Media Content Writing Services for over a decade now, Our writers have developed the right Content Strategy for Social Media platforms. Our Social Media Content Writers leverage Business USPs with the functionalities of the Social Media platforms to reach a wider audience. The features of our Social Media Content are mentioned below.

Understand the Audience Demand

Being engaged with Social Media Content Writing Services, we are quite aware of the Audience persona and the type of content they engage with. Based on the Social Media platforms we create relevant content for posts, stories, reels, articles etc. Social Media mainly comprises Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube etc. Each Social Media platform has a unique set of audiences. For example:

  • Facebook is used by young people aged between 18 and 44 [Source –]
  • Instagram is more popular with women than any other Social Media platform
  • LinkedIn is dominated by professionals aged between 36 and 60 [Source –]
  • Twitter is more popular with educated adults

Our Social Media Content Writing Services ensure that the right content reaches the right audience.

Content Calendar

WDSOFT Pune’s Social Media Content Writing Services combineQuality with Quantity when it comes to creating content for Social Media Platforms. Consistently publishing relevant content on Social Media Platforms is an important factor of Social Media Optimization. When we take over your Social Media Account Management, we create an elaborate & diverse “Content Calendar” to publish a sizable amount of content that packs a powerful punch.

Content Mix

As an established Social Media Content Writing Service Provider in Pune, we know how to mix various types of content topics in the right proportion to keep it relevant and engaging. Our Social Media Content Writers diversify the content topics so that your audience is not bored with the repetitive content.

SEO-Oriented Approach

A part of our successful Social Media Content Writing Services is our strategy to use our proven SEO-techniques while creating content for Social Media. This increases the likelihood of the social media posts/pages getting indexed and rank higher in the Search Engine results pages. The Social Media Content we create is enriched with keywords and relevant hashtags for better penetration in the social network.

Publish the Right Content for Right Platform

What you post on Social Media is a reflection on your professional values & competency. Your audience judge you by the standard of your social media posts. You cannot have the same content just copy-pasted across all Social Media platforms. It’s not “One Size Fits All” when it comes to creating content for social media, for example a festival post is good content for Facebook & Instagram but is not appropriate for LinkedIn & Twitter. At WDSOFT our Social Media Content Writers publish the right content for the right platform.

What Content do we Publish on Social Media

  • Micro Blogs
  • Information about Products & Services
  • New Product Launches
  • New Project Launches
  • Branding & Advertising Content
  • Case-Study Content
  • Customer Testimonials & Reviews
  • Posts About Industry News
  • Business Updates/News
  • Posts About Employee News
  • Posts About Inside Stories
  • Festival Posts
  • Social Posts
WDSOFT’s Social Media Content Writing Services include textual content, info-graphics & videos too.

Facebook & Instagram Content Writing is the most widely used Social Media platform not only in India but in the whole world. Our Social Media Content Writing Services include complete optimization of your businesses Facebook Page/Profile and updating it consistently new content. Our Professional Social Media Content Writing Services take your Facebook Page to a next level with relevant information. We follow “Facebook Content Best Practices” and create unique content for Facebook as well as Instagram. Social Media Platforms like Facebook/Instagram are more oriented towards B2C businesses hence we create content that is tailored for your potential “customers”. Certainly the goal of Facebook/Instagram content creation is to get new customers.

LinkedIn Content Writing

LinkedIn Content is explicitly for the B2B segment. Through our Social Media Content Writing Services, we create business case-studies, employee testimonials, customer testimonials, posts related to core values, mission & vision posts etc. Since we have been providing Social Media Content Services for over a decade now, we know that long-form content works well with LinkedIn. Our social media content writers create SEO-friendly LinkedIn Pulse articles that complement your website SEO strategy and also rank higher in search engine results pages.

Hire WDSOFT Services for Social Media Content Writing

We have provided Social Media Content Writing services to over hundred clients from various verticals, all over India. Though Social Media Marketing is content driven, not any content will suffice; it is the content that is insightful, up-to-date, niche user-oriented, and unique – that does the trick. Algorithms of Social Media Platforms are evolving, competitors’ are learning new tricks and are getting tougher to beat, and your audience are expecting NEW content every time. It is time you involve an agency that has expertise in meeting the new challenges. When it comes to social media content writing, WDSOFT is ahead of the game; with years of experience in content writing, we can put you ahead of the competition. We have a team of Content Writers, Graphics Designers, Video Makers who work together to create outstanding content for your social media platforms. Come to the social media content experts.