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On this Teacher's Day (5th Sept 2018) I pay my tribute to my father Late. Shri. Bhaskar Shivram Patil (Sir) who was a Mathematics teacher. He is the source of inspiration to me as he is for his students and many others.

There is an interesting story behind my father becoming a renowned math teacher. In his school days he failed in Math in VII STD. He was given "grace marks" and promoted to the next class. This failure in math hurt my father so much that he took an oath that not matter what he would master Mathematics. Such was his determination and devotion that he went on to get a Post-Graduate Degree in Mathematics (M.Sc - Master of Science) and become an accomplished math teacher. His career as a Math teacher spanned over a period of 35 years. So outstanding was his mastery on Math and devotion towards his profession that he was selected as a panel member of Paper-setters of Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education. He was also appointed as HSC Board Exam In-charge Head and Member of Maharashtra Higher Education Board Syllabubs. He was not only a great teacher but an example for students who regarded math as a dreaded subject.

B.S. Patil Sir Forever

In his remembrance and as a tribute to him, I am launching a "Font" named after him, on the occasion of the "Teacher's Day". The font depicts his actual writing style on the class blackboard and literary work.

--- Sandeep Bhaskar Patil


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BSPatilSir.ttf  |  BSPatilSir.otf

Note:- Font is supported by Windows & Linux only.


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