e-Commerce Digital Marketing Services in INDIA | SEO & PPC for e-Commerce

Our core digital marketing strategy is to drive organic and paid traffic to your eCommerce store from the Search Engines & Social Media platforms.

e-Commerce is growing at an astounding pace in India. According to the latest report of “Indian Brand Equity Foundation [IBEF]”, the e-commerce sales in India are set to touch a whopping $111.4 Billion by 2025. And the post-Covid conditions are looked upon as favourable for e-Commerce businesses. Besides, e-Commerce has its own benefits.

Benefits of e-Commerce

e-Commerce has a plethora of advantages over the traditional business models and also on online marketplaces like Amazon.in, Flipkart and Snapdeal.
  • Break the Geographical barrier
  • Improve Brand Loyalty
  • Gain higher profit margins
  • Greater Control over the operations
  • Convenient for the buyer
  • Measurable Results

Our e-Commerce Digital Marketing Services

e-Commerce Digital Marketing begins with a good website. At WDSOFT Digital Marketing Agency we offer customized e-commerce website development services. Our e-Commerce stores are based on the proven WordPress/WooCommerce platforms. What to expect? – fast-loading, responsive [device friendly], error-free e-commerce website with all the functionalities. But having a full-fledged e-Commerce website is just half the battle won as far as e-commerce digital marketing is concerned. You need to drive visitors to your websites to generate sales, that’s next.
CONTENT plays a pivotal role in e-Commerce Digital Marketing. We have highly experienced content creators who can develop unique and SEO-friendly content for your e-commerce website. At WDSOFT Digital Agency we combine on-page/off-page SEO techniques with a broad Content Marketing strategy to make your website rank higher in search pages. Our content writers are adept at creating content formats like:
  • Product Guide
  • Product Review
  • Comparison
  • Buying Guides
  • Product FAQs
Having an e-Commerce website is one thing and driving digital traffic to the website is a completely different thing. SEO is the king as far as e-Commerce Digital Marketing services are concerned. With 70% share in the e-Commerce Digital Marketing domain, SEO has the potential of driving high volume of quality traffic to your e-commerce website. At WDSOFT Digital Marketing Agency we employ a wide range of on-page/off-page SEO tactics to boost your e-commerce search rankings. Organic search traffic has a better conversion ratio than paid traffic. Our SEO strategy will help your e-commerce website rank higher for a wide range of keywords.
PPC is a form of Digital Marketing where you “PAY” for every click you receive on your advertisement on Search Engines & Social Media platforms. Paid Advertising on the digital platforms is an absolute requisite for any e-Commerce brand. At WDSOFT Digital Agency we have a dedicated team to manage your PPC accounts. Our Google Ads & PPC expertise guarantee high returns for every rupee you pay for e-commerce advertising. Fully optimized Google Ads account with high quality score and landing page experience score helps decrease the Cost-Per-Click for your e-Commerce products’ advertising.
We are adept in driving high volume of organic as well as paid social media traffic. We set up and manage Facebook, Instagram accounts with daily posts. In addition to Fb/Insta we also setup and manage Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts for your e-Commerce store. Our graphic designers create alluring multi-media posts to promote your products on Social Media platforms. WDSOFT Digital Agency’s Social Media strategy for e-Commerce businesses include:
  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Paid Product Promotions [FB/Insta Advertising]
  • Product Selling on Facebook Marketplace
  • Content-rich Product Review Posts
  • New Product Launch Posts
  • Offers/Discount Posts
  • e-Commerce Customer Service
  • Posting Products in “Buy/Sell” Groups
  • Product Videos
  • Unboxing Videos
  • Review Videos
  • etc.
At WDSOFT Digital Agency, we incorporate FREE online marketplaces in our e-Commerce digital marketing strategy. We set up product listings on Google My Business [Local e-Commerce], Google Marketplace & Facebook Marketplace. These listings are content and keyword-rich to improve the visibility on Online Shopping/Marketplace.
A good photo in itself tells a lot about the product. At WDSOFT Digital Marketing Agency we have a dedicated team for e-commerce product photography. Our professional photographers shoot crisp product photos that then can be used on the e-Commerce website as well as on Social Media. Having your own product photos improves brand trust and also helps in boosting SEO efforts.
“Videos” are the preferred way of delivering e-Commerce content on digital marketing platforms and Social Media in particular loves video content. e-Commerce buyers too enjoy watching product videos more than reading the textual content. At WDSOFT Digital Marketing Agency, we create engaging e-commerce videos like Product Unboxing, product demos, reviews, “How-to” etc. Our team of digital marketers promote these informative videos on a wide range of platforms including YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc, driving high-value traffic to your e-Commerce store.