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Online & Digital Marketing

About WDsoft Online Marketing Agency

WDsoftWDSoft is an Affordable, One-Stop Solution for all your Online Marketing/Digital Marketing/Internet Marketing needs. Like our existing clients you can trust WDsoft for all your online marketing endeavors. Based in the heart of the Pune City, India, we are an acclaimed Online and Digital Marketing agency with proven track record. We are into the Online Marketing industry since 2008 and have serviced hundreds of clients. In doing so we have gained a plethora of experience and knowledge in the online marketing segment and have successfully applied it across many verticals.

A background of Online Marketing

Internet has changed our lives. Like it or not we are spending more time online and this is an ever increasing trend with each new generation. More people are online, doing business online, selling, buying, searching and all kinds of things. A few years back online marketing in India was limited only to Travel and Tourism, Share and stock trading, Matrimony, Job Search and few other services. But the lives of people in India changed when Amazon made its foray in Indian online retail sector. Online Retailing (mostly by truly made India a nation of "online shoppers". Online retailing (Online shopping and buying) is now the most widely used online service in India. Now Indians are buying everything online, be it weekly grocery or an newly launched iPhone or a Canon DSLR that is worth thousands of rupees. This is the potential of precise "Online Marketing" that has made Online Retailing succeed in India.

Online Retailing the Precursor to Online Marketing

There are various reasons why Online Shopping has succeeded globally:

Online Shopping is convenient: Online Retailing with effective and precise "online marketing" techniques has made it easier for buyers to buy everything without having to leave the comfort of their homes or offices. It is so convenient to just go online and buy just anything with just a few clicks. This is especially a blessing for elderly. Also you can shop online 24/7.

Busy lifestyle – People just don't have enough time to visit the retail store round the corner.

Variety: There is virtually no limit to what you cannot buy at an online marketplace like Amazon. From a cheap t-shirt to an expensive Apple Laptop – all this at just one place. People save time when they shop online because they can buy variety of products at the same place.

Compare and Buy: Because the online marketplace has multiple sellers for the same product or service you can always compare prices offered by different sellers and then decide from whom to buy.

Greater Reach: Online marketing has provided a larger marketplace even to a small-town seller. With online marketing and seller services (marketplace) offered by OLX, Google,, Flipkart, Snapdeal, PayTM, Facebook – a seller can sell his services and products nation-wide, increasing his sales and business manifolds.

Reliable: Online shopping is reliable. People in India have shown their trust in online retailing/shopping. They don't just buy t-shirts online, now Indians buy mobiles, TVs, laptops, cameras, kitchen appliances and other expensive goods online. Online retailing is a proven successful business model in the west and has also succeeded in India in no time. Reliability of online retailing in India has proven that people in India mean business even if it is online.

Buyers are saving money: Because several sellers are pitched against each other on these online marketplaces, there is a cut-throat competition between sellers. This is directly benefiting the buyers who are buying products and services at cheaper prices than they would have bought from the local stores.

Targeted Customers: Sellers can use the right online marketing tools and techniques to reach their "target audience" who are more likely to "convert" into buyers.

Performance can be measured: A Seller can measure the performance of his Online Marketing campaigns at the very root level and also take corrective actions to get maximum returns.

Online Marketing is highly customizable: Unlike traditional marketing techniques, online marketing campaigns can be customized in various ways to achieve better Return On Investment (ROI).

So now lets talk about your business. You may be a small business owner but you cannot ignore "Online Marketing" for any longer, sooner or later you will have to use some features – if not all, of online marketing. You will have to go online either to make you business grow or merely to survive in the business.

WDSoft offers affordable Online and Digital marketing services that will help your business grow.

So what do we do when we mean Online Marketing a.k.a Digital Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization

abbreviated and better known as S.E.O. is the cheapest, most widely used, trustworthy online marketing method of driving qualified digital traffic to your online business. "Search" is the most widely used online service. For any online activity people first "search" for it on Google. With our proven ethical (white-hat) SEO, Content techniques we can make your website, product and services pages appear at higher positions on Search Engines for multiple keywords (search-terms) across multiple social media optimized websites.


In the online marketing arena they say "Content is KING" and we have found it to be so true. Content is information and it is very important how you present this information to your visitors. Content is an integral and most important part of SEO (On-page SEO to be precise). Leave the Content Writing for your product/services to us, at WDSoft we have experienced, qualified and CREATIVE Content Writers who write SEO-friendly, keyword-rich, grammatically correct and engaging content for your web pages, products and services.

Search Engine Marketing

a.k.a S.E.M. is another subset of Online or Digital Marketing. Search Engine Marketing is often referred to as the PAID version of Search Marketing channel. Unlike SEO where the ranking (listing) of your web-page is decided by the Search Engine Algorithm, Search Engine Marketing offers you a greater degree of control on the position your Ad appears on. The more you pay the higher your ad appears in the paid listing. As compared to SEO, SEM online marketing is quick, highly customizable and delivers instant results. Unlike SEO you don't have to wait for your website to appear in the organic listings. At WDSoft our experienced SEM specialists can help you launch and run a highly optimized Online Search Engine Marketing campaign to give you maximum returns on your investment.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is another powerful online marketing tool. Our Social Media activities are not just confined to posting updates, images, videos. We do more serious stuff with Social Media that can, not only boost your Social Media traffic but also create awareness about your brand. Our SMM team knows how to successfully run Paid Facebook ads for your business. Be it Facebook, Facebook Instant Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, Instagram or any other Social Media platform. At WDSoft we will take care of all your Social Media Marketing campaigns.

Online Marketplaces

There are several online marketplaces like Amazon Seller Central, Seller Flipkart and Snapdeal, Sell On Jabong etc., which are pre-loaded with all the online marketing features and eCommerce. If you are a small business owner and do not want to invest in your own website and eCommerce then these online marketplaces are ideal solutions for your business, of-course these online marketing platforms come at a price but provide instant visibility and audience to your product and services. At WDSoft our Online Marketing team can setup your Seller account with any of these online marketplaces and start generating revenue.

A study reveals that every 24 hours 175 million active users share about 500 million pieces of web content. So it has become imperative to plan and execute your online marketing campaigns meticulously. With our proven Marketing approach, there are simply no limits to what your business can achieve for you. WDsoft provides you with the required tools and support to build 360 degree online marketing and marketing automation program to help you give repeat business, improve conversions and drive ROI.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a fastest and most cost-effective ways to reach your targeted customers. Our email marketing team has the required knowlege, experience and resource to develop a strategy with an insightful data analysis and build an email marketing program that will yield desired results. The reason that so many businesses chose email marketing is that it generates potential returns on virtually zero investment. Email marketing is a target campaign exercise that reaches to your desired customers fast. We build email campaigns for your services in very less time. You can track all the information on emails sent, delivered, bounced, opened and also the number of click through.

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