Branding Challenge

When InstaMart started their services in Pune, INDIA - they hired us as Branding Consultants. Our task was to design the logo and branding collateral for the Online Grocery Store. And to come up with a comprehensive advertising strategy for the client.

Advertising Strategy

We ironed out a comprehensive outdoor advertising strategy for the online grocery store. Our marketing team identified the key locations and platforms to run the advertising campaigns in. The platforms included hoardings, billboards, banners, danglers, etc - apart from the usual branding collateral.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers then designed the advertising creatives according to the platforms. While designing the creatives, the two main factors that our graphic designers focused on were - (i) the nature of the business - GROCERY and (ii) the target audience - URBAN SHOPPERS. The color "GREEN" and its shades were used extensively. The color scheme consistency was maintained throughout all branding collateral - from logo to oversize hoardings.


The Logo features a simple circular design with a urban lifestyle touch. The Instamart logo is designed in 3-tone color scheme. The logo depicts the initial letters "i" and "m" and the "italic" font-style represents the busy urban life. The logo is created using shades of green to reflect on the grocery business.


The round shape of the logo makes it easier to be used across all branding platforms. Here the logo is depicted on the storefront.


Logo on the t-shirt draws attention to it.


InstaMart Logo on a carry bag.


Instamart logo stamp


Instamart logo on a Dangler.

The logo and the business name on a delivery van.