Rakhoh Industries Pvt Ltd

Logo Design for the Engineering Company | Brochure and Product Catalogue Design | Corporate Video

Branding Challenge

Engineering company, Rakhoh is a notable name in the Boiler Manufacturing Industry. They were facing stiff competition in their vertical and wanted Strategic Brand Development solutions to make them stand out from the rest. Rakhoh Industries hired WDsoft Pune as their branding consultants.

Branding Strategy

After thorough deliberation, our team identified the key USPs of Rakhoh Industries and decided to create a new "engineering" logo, brochure and product catalogue and corporate video to elucidate the hallmark features and USPs of Rakhoh.

Logo Design for Rakhoh Industries

Having a vast experience in industrial branding our graphic designers came up with a crisp engineering company logo. The simple logo has the name "RAKHOH" in the bold font with all letters connected to one another giving it a "rigid" feel of an engineering structure. Red font color is used to reflect upon the energetic and engineering activity nature of the company.

Corporate Video Making

Our Brand Creative team created a Branding Video that focuses on the key features of the Boiler Manufacturer - experience and expertise, high-quality manufacturing tools and technology, expansive infrastructure, quantum of Industries served, cutting edge technology, large dedicated staff, global reach, product range, Quality and Safety. The video also shows the corporate culture of the client, various departments like Design department, Marketing, Accounts, Production, Quality Control, Quality Inspection, R and D Department and the Management Board. The theme of the video was to showcase the capabilities, expertise, dedication and commitment of Rakhoh towards its enterprise.

Brochure Design

We also designed brochure cum product catalogue and branding material for Rakhoh Industries with rich graphics and promotional content that draws attention to the key features and USPs. The brochure consists of 10 pages and also serves as a product catalogue.


Our Brand Development strategy surpassed Rakhoh's expectations. With our Brand Development solutions Rakhoh Industries has strengthened its trust and confidence in the hearts of their clients.

Brochure Designed by WDsoft Pune
Brochure Designed by WDsoft Pune
Brochure Designed by WDsoft Pune
Brochure Designed by WDsoft Pune
Brochure designed by WDsoft Pune for Rakhoh Industries.

Rakhoh Industries.Corporate video made by WDsoft Pune.