Brochure Design for a Turbine Manufacturing Company in INDIA





Turtle Turbine


Brochure Design Solution Summary

WDSOFT created a half-fold brochure for a renowned turbine manufacturing company in India. The manufacturing brochure highlights over 20 years of global experience across 10 countries and describes their efficient turbines for power generation, cogeneration, and mechanical drives. Client consultation was part of the manufacturing brochure design process, as was content creation that highlighted product benefits, services, and visually appealing layout development. The brochure emphasises the client’s commitment to customer satisfaction and excellence in after-sales support, focusing on energy efficiency and dependable performance.

About the Client

Turtle Turbine is India's leading manufacturer of modern steam turbine solutions, helping businesses improve efficiency and generate green energy. With over 20 years of experience in more than ten countries, they offer durable and dependable equipment tailored to each client's specific needs across multiple industries. They also provide integration solutions and after-sales support to ensure client satisfaction and peak performance. 

Client Expectations

As a renowned turbine manufacturing company in India, the client aimed to develop a detailed and visually engaging brochure highlighting their company's background and evolution. The turbine manufacturer wanted to highlight their products' features, qualities, and potential uses through appealing images. They wanted to convey their range of services related to turbine machines through the brochure. In addition to content, the client requested a simple yet visually appealing layout to ensure their brochure's visual appeal was consistent with its brand image.

Brochure Design Solution by WDSOFT

For a renowned Indian supplier of turbine solutions, WDSOFT created a half-fold brochure showcasing their modern steam turbine solutions. The brochure begins with an overview of Turtle Turbines, highlighting their 20+ years of experience and global presence. The manufacturing brochure showcases the product line, which includes long-lasting and efficient steam turbines designed for various industrial applications such as power generation, cogeneration, and mechanical drives. 

Brochure Design Process

  • Client Consultation: Understanding the objectives, target market, and primary messages of Turtle Turbines.
  • Content Creation: Develop appealing content to highlight Turtle Turbines' services, product applications, and expertise.
  • Visual Design: Creating a visually appealing layout that balances images, graphics, and text.
  • Client Review and Feedback: Modifying the design in response to client feedback to ensure that all client requirements are satisfied.
  • Finalisation: Make sure the brochure has excellent graphics, firm content, and print-ready.

Advertising solutions

The brochure lists the advantages of using products from the client, emphasising their capacity to improve energy efficiency, lower carbon emissions, and provide reliable operation. Additionally, it lists all their extensive services, which guarantee flawless integration and ideal performance and range from consultation and custom design to installation and maintenance. The brochure emphasises the client's commitment to providing excellent after-sales service, ensuring ongoing support and maintenance for peak performance and client satisfaction.

This informative and visually appealing brochure from WDSOFT effectively communicates the client’s expertise, the advantages of its products, and its commitment to customer satisfaction. As such, it's an essential marketing tool for attracting new customers and enhancing the company's standing as a leader in steam turbine solutions.