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Om Kailash

About Client

OM Kailash, a brand synonymous with trust, quality, and purity, had exciting plans to introduce a line of jaggery-based products. This exquisite range included organic jaggery, jaggery powder, jaggery candy, jaggery crush, and the delightful Kakvi, also known as liquid jaggery. Each product boasted organic ingredients, impeccable manufacturing standards, and an exquisite fusion of taste, health, and flavour.

As a renowned Food Branding Agency in INDIA, Our mission was to craft a truly sophisticated communication strategy that captured the very essence of the OM Kailash brand. The primary challenge lay in effectively conveying the values of purity, health, hygiene, and the brand's numerous strengths in a distinctive and captivating manner.

Our response:

Initially, our focus was on conducting a thorough analysis of the Om Kailash brand, where we carefully assessed its strengths. The location of the plant was near the Krishna River, contributing to the organic and high-quality nature of their products. Our task involved crafting the logo, corporate identity, and packaging label for this brand.

The creative journey began by establishing the core elements and colour schemes to be used in the design. The primary objective was to create a minimalist, self-explanatory, and elegant appearance. As we progressed with the design process, we unearthed significant elements, motifs, and structural components that enriched the outcome.

Jaggery Logo Design:

In the pursuit of crafting a minimalist aesthetic, our adept team of visionary designers convened to engage in a collective ideation session. This collaborative effort culminated in a strategic decision to encapsulate the intricate journey of producing jaggery and Kakvi. Sugarcane, Jaggery, Kakavi, and the Krishna River, where the plant of Kalyatatva is based, are the elements incorporated in the logo.

Logo Significance

The logo holds significant importance as it serves as a visual representation of the brand and communicates its values, identity, and uniqueness to consumers.

  • Brand Identity:

A logo is essential in developing a strong brand identity. Frequently, it serves as the initial point of attraction for prospective clients towards your enterprise. In the case of a jaggery product company, the logo possesses the power to encapsulate the very soul of the business—embodying its dedication to unprocessed, organic, and nourishing sweetening solutions.

  • Differentiation:

In a competitive market, a thoughtfully designed logo can make your products stand out. It showcases what makes your products special, whether it's using top-notch ingredients, traditional production methods, or a unique flavour.

  • Visual Communication:

Logos have the power to convey a lot of information in a compact visual form. Elements like colours, typography, and symbols can convey messages about the company's values, the type of jaggery products offered, and the target audience.

  • Trust and Recognition:

Having a logo that is professionally designed can enhance the trust and credibility of consumers.

When people see a consistent and well-crafted logo on the products, it creates a sense of familiarity and reliability, leading to repeat purchases and brand loyalty.

  • Memorability:

A well-designed logo is memorable and easily recognisable. It can leave a lasting impression on consumers' minds, making it more likely that they will remember and seek out the products when shopping.

  • Long-Term Investment:

Designing a logo is an investment in your brand's future. A well-designed logo can stand the test of time and remain relevant as your jaggery product company grows and evolves.

Jaggery Packaging & Label Design
  • Types of label design

Label design encompasses diverse styles catering to industries, products, and branding. Brand-centric designs highlight logos, while informative labels showcase product details. Minimalist styles prioritise elegance, while illustrative ones use graphics. Vintage designs evoke nostalgia, modern styles embody innovation, and handmade labels exude authenticity. Eco-friendly, seasonal, luxury, high-tech, cultural, and health-focused designs connect with consumers.

  • Challenges Faced in Label Design

Designing Om Kailash's Jaggery product labels posed challenges for WDSOFT Branding Agency. The task involved blending Jaggery's traditional roots with a modern look—a delicate balance. The label needed to convey both purity and health benefits, requiring careful colour and font choices. WDSOFT's design team skillfully navigated this journey, crafting a label that harmoniously captured Om Kailash's heritage and innovation.

  • Colours Used in Jaggery Label Design

The colours used in the label design of Om Kailash were chosen to make the label look elegant and depict tradition, the essence of jaggery, and modernity. The vibrant Indian red symbolises the essence of tradition and cultural heritage, reflecting the authenticity of their products. The warm brown shade evokes the earthy origins of Jaggery, emphasising its natural purity. Subtle skin tones accentuate the wholesome nature of the offering, resonating with health-conscious consumers. Deep green signifies the lush sugarcane fields, highlighting organic sourcing. Lastly, the touch of blueish grey adds a modern twist, suggesting innovation and premium quality. Together, these colours harmoniously narrate Om Kailash's story of heritage, health, and innovation, captivating both tradition enthusiasts and contemporary consumers.


Our proficiency in brand transformation for organic food companies at WDSOFT is unmatched. We take pride in revitalising brands, infusing them with authenticity and purpose. By aligning values of sustainability and health, we propel our clients into a new era of resonance. With our expertise, our clients only thrive in a competitive market but also inspire a deeper connection with conscious consumers. Do you want to transform your brand? contact us today!