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Om Kailash



Branding Challenge

OM Kailash is a brand that evokes trust, quality and purity. They were poised to launch a range of jaggery based products- organic jiggery, jaggery powder, jaggery candy, jaggery crush and Kakvi or liquid jaggery. Their products were organic, hygienically manufactured with a fine blend of taste, health and flavour. Our task was to create distinctly classy communication that conveys brand essence. The key challenge was to convey the purity, health, hygiene and brand strengths.

Our Response

First of all, we studied the brand Om Kailash in depth and identified its strengths. The plant was based near Krishna River. The products were organic and of excellent quality. We had to design the logo, corporate identity and packaging label. The process began with defining the styling elements and colours. The idea was to keep the design minimalistic, self- explanatory and graceful. As the process of creation went forward, we discovered major elements, motifs and structure.

The Result

Our representation of Om Kailash logo is a design amalgamation of the process of making jaggery and kakvi. The waves depict river Krishna. The vector sugarcane signifies sugarcane farm. The droplets stand for kakvi and the icons above the kakvi droplets represent ideal shape of jaggery. We designed the brand including the corporate identity with the same elements translated into basic shapes of lines, circles, triangles. The minimalism and elegance achieved desired results and was appreciated by the client. Om Kailash is now an esteemed client of WDSoft and trusts us with his comprehensive communication.