Boutique Advertising and Branding Case-study Example

About the project




Nilaya Fashion Boutique in Pune


Branding Challenge

"NILAYA Collections" - A fashion boutique located in suburban Pune, carries a wide range of apparel - from ethnic wear to urban lifestyle clothing for today's urban woman. The fashion boutique wanted us to "uplift" the visual identity of the brand. NILAYA Boutique wanted us to provide a total 360-degree advertising solution to create an unique brand identity for the boutique. This included logo design, advertising collateral design, indoor branding, print media ads etc.

Logo Design

Our graphic designers and artists were quick to come up with a simple but charming boutique LOGO in plush two-tone colors to suit the boutique's suburban Brand image. A simple logo was designed in a two color-scheme. Red-Violet and Dark Pink (#EC2658) to reflect on the feminine character of the boutique.

Advertising Strategy

After a series of brainstorming sessions with the client over boutique advertising ideas, we decided the advertising strategy. We planned to run "targeted" outdoor and online advertising campaigns that would be in-sync with the clothing collection available with the boutique. It was also decided to regularly change (update) the "theme" of the advertising campaigns to be in harmony with the changing seasons, festive seasons, vacations, urban lifestyle and latest trends etc.

Branding Design

The branding collateral were given a complete makeover to orient them with the visual theme of the logo and the boutique's furnishing. Apart from logo design, the other branding services offered to Nilaya boutique include:

Hoarding Design - As a savvy branding company in Pune - we understand that hoardings (billboards) are the most effective outdoor marketing platforms because they have the largest reach and their size leaves a mark on the viewer's subconscious mind. Our marketing team identified the right billboards/hoarding in strategic areas like business centers, movie theaters, malls, shopping centers etc, to display the boutique's ads on. Our graphic design team then accordingly designed a luxurious banner ad of various sizes that featured the latest clothing collection in the boutique that appeals to the urban woman.

Newspaper Ads - Newspaper being a powerful advertising medium, we decided to target the niche audience with the newspaper advertising, in the vicinity of the boutique. Our Graphic Designers created a scintillating ad that covered the entire fold of the local (city edition) newspapers.

Opulent Magazine Ad - Being aware of the magazines that interest the niche audience of a fashion boutique. We determined the relevant magazines read by the targeted audience group and created a lavish advertisement that would be displayed in these magazines.

Digital Marketing Graphics - On the digital front we decided to exploit the Social Media platform, particularly Facebook - given its high-end niche targeting capabilities. Extensive Facebook campaigns (paid and free) were run to promote the Nilaya Collection boutique to the relevant audience.

Indoor Branding and Stationery - These include store internal design, wall graphics, office stationery, gift-box, shopping bag and business card designs.

Printing Services - After getting approval from the client the hoarding and branding collateral graphics were printed with high-end printing machines to guarantee there is no loss in the quality of the graphics.


In the wake of running the engaged promoting efforts in open air and online media true to form the outcomes started to appear. Relentlessly urban customers started to rush to the Nilaya Boutique, driving deals. As trained by us the customer gathered the data from his clients about "how could they find out about Nilaya accumulation?" in light of these yields we had the option to streamline the publicizing efforts to create more deals. The customer is presently sure and intending to begin another style outlet in other piece of the Pune city.