Packaging & Label Design for Food Products – Case-Study

Fruitair Logo Design

Mango Pickle Jar Packaging & Label Design

Amla Candy Jar Packaging & Label Design

Mango Pulp Jar Packaging Design

Kokum Syrup Bottle Packaging & Label Design

Jackfruit Chips Packaging Design

About the project






About the Project

“Fruitair” is a self-help fruit processing cluster, based in Konkan, Maharashtra India, which offers an indigenous taste of the land to the world. The self-help group processes fruits like Mangoes, Amla [Indian Gooseberry], Kokum [Garcinia Indica], Jackfruit to create syrups, candies, pulp etc.

The Goal

Since they have to compete with the established packaged snacks brands, the self-help group wanted to transform their identity and portray themselves as a BRAND. Their main goal was to redesign the packaging of the various food products. As it is a fruit processing firm providing a fresh and indigenous taste of local fruits. We decided to name it “Fruitair” which is catchy and easy to remember.

Brand Identity Design Principles

As the brand Fruitair is a fruit processing cluster, we gave the brand a very fresh, fruity and refreshing makeover. We added fresh colours and styling along with such font which compliments youthful energy.

As we know children love colours and they get attracted to the fresh n fun elements, we tried to put everything relevant to the freshness and enthusiasm of fruits. To attract the children and give them healthy fruit products. And also not only children youthful and fresh energy attracts every age group. Hence it works on the whole target audience of Fruitair.

Services Offered to the Fruit Processing Start-up

Logo Design

We wanted to put the brand’s freshness into the logo as well, so our logo designers chose the fruitiest colour violet for the logo. “Fruitair” is all about fruits so we shaped the logo in a round-shaped with a green leaf on top of it to look for fresh fruit. Also, the smaller white dots inside the violet round are representing bubbles in the fruit pulp. So the whole logo represents the freshness of the products made out of fruits that Fruitair offers to the consumer. As the logo is the first representation of the brand designer placed the name “Fruitair” at the bottom. The overall logo looks very fresh and instantly reminds a viewer about freshness and fruits.

Packaging Design

The concept behind the logo design, packaging design and label design was very clear that it should be enthusiastic, refreshing and fun. So the designers chose very fresh colours for packaging along with the logo on it. And designers put the refreshing image of the relevant product on the packaging so the customer could get the idea of what exactly they are going to enjoy. With the image and fresh colour, the designers put the name of the product in a very funky font intestinally. To make it more youthful and enthusiastic along with the product details and price details. We gave different colours to each different product according to the product's characteristics or mood. Just like the brand, we have twisted the name of jackfruit chips and we are calling it ‘Jackie”. The name has its origin in the word "Jackfruit". It’s easy and fun for kids to call it Jackie.

Label Design

We designed different labels for each different product to keep the flavours alive outside the jar also. Fruitair has many fruity flavours to offer so, used various relevant colours for different products to represent. Not only colours we also kept different styling for each product’s label. The label designers added a picture of the relevant fruit on the label. And other important details of the product are also being added to the label such as bar code, price and ingredients etc. Putting entire elements such as fruity colours, Fruitair’s logo, and enthusiastic fonts and styling together makes the label perfect representative of a fruit Product Company.

Mango Pulp Label Design

Fresh yellow colour for mango pulp is what our designers chose for Fruitair's mango pulp. The reason behind this was so clear that we wanted to give the impression of mangos, within a second looking at the jar. We also added a picture of fresh mangos on the label and other important details. We and our client were satisfied by bringing the fruits’ freshness to the label.

Kokum Agal (Syrup) Label Design

You must have seen many kokum syrup bottles on market but we gave a very different look to the Fruitair's Kokum Agal (Syrup) from the rest of the market. We made it very modern and youthful. Other kokum syrups in the market are too basic that no one would get attracted. We exactly wanted to break the serotypes about this traditional slurp. We made the Kokum Agal (Syrup) label and bottle very Morden and classy by adding joyful violet and classy wine colour to the label along with the logo and the product’s name in the eye-catchy font. The overall look of the bottle is very classy to get rid of boring kokum syrup bottles.

Mango Pickle label design

Mango pickle is the most used snack in our Indian households. Most of the pickle’s packaging and label we see in the market are the same. We wanted to give a little Morden look. So chose a green and yellow colour for the label. And added some abstract shapes look similar to the slice of raw mango. We made a combination of yellow and green which is an impression of mango and raw mango along with Fruitair's logo and other important content about the pickle like price and bar code etc.

Amala Candy label design

Amla candy is one of the favourite Indian candies, with lots of childhood memories attached to the flavour. We tried to put the emotions on the label also by making an illustrative image of Amala candy on the label. We made the Amala label in a combination of light shade green and blue. Also placed the image of little tangy Amalas on the label to give you cravings. Along with Fruitair's logo and other crucial product details this whole label is a perfect representative of Fruitair's delicacies Amala candy.