Outdoor Advertising for PIFF 2023 Event – A Case-Study

Outdoor Advertising for PIFF

About the project






About the Client

PIFF is organised by the Pune Film Foundation in collaboration with the Government of Maharashtra every year. Pune International Film Festival (PIFF) was started with the idea of building and promoting a healthy film culture in Pune. It gives film lovers in the city access to global cinema and spark a cultural exchange. With discussions, lectures and master classes on varied topics related to the craft, we try to instil an academic flavour in the festival. Every edition of PIFF has a unique contemporary theme. An acclaimed international jury decides awards for films in the competitive sections. PIFF is the only festival that gives international recognition to Marathi cinema.

Requirement of the Client

The client was looking for an experienced creative agency that could design and execute the campaign. They wanted to target locations that had highest visibility. The client was looking for a trusted media partner. The client also wanted unique and attractive creatives that conveyed the message clearly. PIFF wanted their creatives to be unique and stand out of the clutter. PIFF wanted us to be their Outdoor Media Partner.


PIFF places a strong emphasis on fostering creativity. As part of the campaign, we were tasked with creating Out-of-Home (OOH) Advertising that not only met the needs of our client but also resonated with their target audience. Our team rose to the challenge by designing and executing a series of hoardings, strategically placed in locations to maximise their impact. It was important for us to not only create visually compelling advertising but also ensure that it was strategically positioned to reach the intended audience effectively.


At WDSOFT, we approach every project with a comprehensive perspective. As the Outdoor Media Partner of PIFF, we analysed the client's brief and discussed it from all angles internally. Our team then proceeded to create visually stunning outdoor ad hoardings, printed with the utmost precision and vibrancy to ensure they stood out.

To improve the effectiveness of the hoardings, we conducted thorough research to identify the best locations in Pune for them to be displayed. We then presented our creative approach and location plan to the client, who was pleased with our proposals and gave us the green light to proceed. With the client's approval, we executed our plan to perfection, ensuring that the hoardings were displayed in the most impactful manner possible.


Our OOH campaign and hoardings proved to be a tremendous success, effectively reaching and engaging with our target audience of young people. The event itself was exceptional, with a global jury and a showcase of films from 20 to 25 different countries.

To broaden the visibility of the event, we strategically placed a series of hoardings in key locations throughout Pune, such as Goodluck Chowk, Bajirao Road, SB Road, Katraj, Satara Road, and Hinjewadi. Our efforts were greatly appreciated by the client, who recognized our hard work and dedication by presenting us with an award. This acknowledgement was a testament to the success of our campaign and the impact it had on both the client and the target audience.