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My epithelium


Logo Design Solution Summary

WDSOFT created a wordmark logo for an Indian skincare brand that focused on elegance and excellence. A carefully selected font represents a flawless skin journey, with each typographic detail expressing beauty and grace. The colour scheme reflects brand identity and femininity. Client collaboration guaranteed that the logo reflected premium skincare dedication and appealed to women looking for luxury items.

About the Client

My Epithelium, an Indian skincare company, uses science and nature to treat underlying skin issues. Their product line, which includes nourishing serums and renewing creams, is aimed to produce noticeable effects immediately. They promote a culture of self-commitment to skincare, highlighting that while their products serve as a medium, the primary responsibility lies with individuals to take exceptional care of their skin. The Skincare brand approached WDSOFT, the best logo design agency in India.

Client Expectations

As a newly launched skincare products brand in India, the client wanted to improve their identity with a minimalist logo with simple fonts and colours. Initially, they envisioned a simple yet elegant monograph logo design complemented by a small, attractive, and eye-catching symbol above or to the left side of the text. Their goal was to create a visually appealing logo representing their values of simplicity, elegance, and everlasting appeal.

Skincare Logo Solution by WDSOFT

Logo Design Process

WDSOFT began the wordmark logo design process for the skincare products brand in India by performing detailed research on the skincare industry and the Indian market to gain insight into the company's target audience. Before designing a logo, we did research to find out more about the preferences, requirements, and objectives of the client's target market, which included women primarily looking for a high-end, high-performing skincare product. With our study, we created a logo that represents the ethos of the client's company while also attracting and connecting with potential product customers.

Creative Approach

The focal point of our creative approach was to create a logo for this premium skincare product that embodied elegance, quality, and redefined beauty. The thoughtfully selected font acts as the visual focal point and represents the pathway to perfect, glowing skin. Every detail of the typography, from the beautiful curves to the precise angles, was thoughtfully designed to convey a sense of beauty and grace. The colour scheme was chosen with care to match the brand's identity, combining femininity with subtle aesthetic appeal.

Brand Identity

The final designed logo by WDSOFT and the visual elements used in the logo represent the core values of the client's company. It shows a commitment to women's skincare, reflecting grace and femininity. More importantly, it shows the brand's solid commitment to providing skincare products of the highest quality and effectiveness. This logo symbolises confidence, setting new beauty standards, and generating trust in its wise customers.

Client Collaboration

We worked closely with the client during the design process, using their customer's testimonies and adaptive design feedback to enhance and polish the brand. By working together, the final design fulfilled the client's expectations and became a visual landmark in the skincare sector. Looking ahead, this logo represents WDSOFT's creativity and commitment to brand development.