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The Super Store


Superstore Logo Solution Summary

WDSOFT developed a unique logo for a popular supermarket store in Pune, focusing on their retail and medicine products. Using our expertise and creative freedom, we created multiple logo design samples.  Following client feedback, the final logo contains word and symbol elements that effectively convey the brand's values. The final versatile and impactful logo increased the client's brand identity and customer loyalty and solidified the client's store's position in Pune's competitive market. 

About the Client

The Prodigy's ‘The Super Store’ is a lifestyle chemist and supermarket based in Pune that offers 24-hour service to customers. It supplies a wide range of products that cater to the needs of its customers, ranging from daily essentials to specialised items. The client's store also has 'Medworld+,' a specialist sub-store that sells medications 24 hours every day of the week. Because of this, the client's store is a reliable place for all shopping needs in Pune.

Client Expectations

The client asked WDSOFT - leading logo design agency in India,  to redesign their store's logo. They wanted a fresh, attractive logo to make shopping more delightful for their customers. The goal was to create a modern and consistent visual identity that reflects the quality and convenience of their services, making the store more appealing to shoppers.

Superstore Logo Solution by WDSOFT

Logo Design Process:

WDSOFT began the logo design project for the popular superstore in Pune to create a unique and memorable brand identity for a client in the retail mart and medicine stores industry with the store logo. Our logo design process began with detailed research into the client’s vision, target audience, and market competitors. We had brainstorming discussions and drawing sessions to experiment with several design concepts that may effectively convey the client's values and mission.

After developing our ideas, we created various design examples that included the client's feedback at each level to ensure that we matched their needs. The final logo design was chosen for its strong visual appeal and symbolic representation of the store's values.

Supermarket Logo Description:

The supermarket and chemist store logos are designed to stand out in the competitive retail market. The final combination type logo combines text font and symbol elements to clearly and attractively communicate the brand's motto. The font style used in the logo is both visually appealing and easy to read, so the brand name is displayed. The primary symbol of a basket symbolises shopping, with handles cleverly depicting a smiling face to signify growth, joy, and customer satisfaction. Additionally, the heart shape produced by the handles represents the brand's affection for its clients and desire to improve their shopping experience.

Implementation and Impact:

The logo designed for the client is created to be versatile and adaptable across various platforms, from digital media to print media and packaging. Its unique and attractive design makes it stand out in a crowded market and promotes brand identification and loyalty. This broad approach to logo design guarantees that the client's brand identity is successfully conveyed and emotionally connected with its target audience. Using WDSOFT's unique logo design experience, the client's supermarket and medicine store is well-positioned to strengthen its market position and establish itself as a popular shopping destination in Pune.