Logo Design and Marketing Collateral Design for Real Estate Company – A case study of Surya Builders Pune

Surya Builders Pune

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Surya Builders


Surya Builders - An infrastructure startup in Pune, approached us for total branding solution. We came up with a 360-Degree Brand Development campaign for Surya Builders. This included logo design for the real estate company, branding collateral design, banner design, hoarding design, brochure design, visiting card design, website design and other marketing collateral design.

Logo Design

Our logo designers created a fitting logo to the infrastructure startup that depicted the rays of the sun, this "Sun" theme was adopted to reflect up on the name of the business "SURYA" - i.e. SUN. The logo is created using red and orange color to signify new beginning, energy power, pleasure and fun.

Logo Colors

Given the "CONSTRUCTIVE" nature of the business and the name "SURYA", our logo designers created the logo in three colors - Orange, Red and Black.

  • Orange is an attention-grabbing color that depicts activity and signifies energy, enthusiasm and vigor.
  • Red color too like orange color, catches viewer's attention. From business perspective red color represents power, energy, speed and spontaneity. Above all the red color signifies the adrenaline rush - a perfect color attribute to reflect on the character of the business.
  • Black color represents sophistication, luxury, glamour and exclusivity. Black is also the dominant color in the marketing collateral design as it stresses on sophistication - the key character of the client's audience.

Logo Text

The Logo text comprise of the business name "SURYA BUILDERS" in Sans Serif to reflect up on professionalism and business ethos. And the slogan "home for real comfort" in script font to represent emotions.

Symmetry of the Logo

A horizontal symmetry is maintained in the Surya Builders logo. The upper part of the real estate company's logo features the initial alphabet of the business name "S" radiating orange color rays. The name of the business SURYA BUILDERS is in black color and is split by an orange colored thick line between them.

Marketing Collateral Design

Hoarding Design

WDsoft Pune's graphic design team created stunning hoarding designs that would instill trust and confidence in the minds of the real estate company's target audience. The graphics our designer created have rich high-rise building images with contrast colors to capture the attention of the prospects.

Branding/Marketing Collateral

We designed a wide range of branding collateral for Surya Builders. This included brochure, marketing literature, diaries, letterheads, visiting cards etc. To give it a touch of elegance and sophistication our graphic designers used black color prominently to reflect on the lifestyle of the prospects.

Digital Walk-through and Visualization

Our video making team created this beautiful Walk-through video to give the potential home buyers a real-life feel of the interior of the apartments and building. The 3 minute long visualization covers all the aspects of Surya Builder's TARANGAN real estate housing project and its surroundings. The walk-through video gives an enormous boost to the brand identity of Surya Builders and instills trust and confidence in the mind of prospective buyers.


Having designed branding campaigns for all the marketing channels, Surya Builders were able to generate good amount of leads which subsequently converted into buyers.

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