Logo Design and Branding Ideas for Sweet Shop | Fast-Food Logo Design Case-Study

Logo Design and Branding Ideas for Kadhai

"Kadhai" Sweet Shop Logo

Kadhai brand logo printed on T-Shirt used by the sweet shop staff.

Kadhai Menu Card Cover Design

Kadhai Menu Card Designed by WDSOFT Pune's Graphic Designers.

Menu Card designed for Kadhai Sweet Shop in Aundh, Pune.

Back page of the Kadhai Menu Card featuring "Line Art Graphics"

Hotel stationery designed for Kadhai Sweet shop

Food Bag Designed for Kadhai

Sweet Box designed for Kadhai

Kadhai Hoarding Mockup

Post graphics designed for Kadhai Sweet Shop's Social Media promotions

Standee design

Indoor Banner Design

Kadhai Sweet shop's Outdoor Advertising Banner

Newspaper [Print Media] Ad Design

About the project






Kadhai is a Sweet Shop located in Aundh Pune. We were tasked with creating a branding/advertising campaign for the sweet shop. As part of the Branding undertaking we designed an appropriate logo and tempting branding collateral. This included designing branding graphics for posters, flyers, hoardings, print media, newspaper advertisements, social media etc.

Sweet Shops like Kadhai can benefit immensely from "BRANDING". Call us today!