Logo Design for Adventure Club – A case-study of Branding and Logo Design for R-MARC Adventure Club Pune

Branding and Logo Design for R-MARC Adventure Club Pune

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R-MARC Adventure Club


Logo Design for Adventure Club

A Case study of Logo design and Branding for R-MARC Fort Marathon

Branding Challenge

R-MARC is an adventure club in Pune which hosts fort marathons. R-MARC approached us for a complete Brand development solution. After a thorough brainstorming sessions with the client, we offered them following outdoor and online branding and advertising solutions.

Logo Designing

We designed a theme based logo for the adventure club. The LOGO design reflects on the ADVENTURE character of the club. The R-MARC logo features three colors - red, blue and black.

Logo Colors : Red color signifies energy, vigor, passion, strength and radiance. This aptly reflects upon the nature of the adventure activity of the club. The words R-MARC are featured in red color. Blue color represents faith, spirituality and mysticism, the color was chosen to reflect upon the spiritual connection of the human beings with the heaven. There is another version of the logo in single white color to be used in print media ads.

Logo Art and Text : The adventure club logo art features blue color mountains on the right hand size. The main text of the logo is R-MARC the formed by combining the initial letters of the founder members. The alphabet "R" is designed to depict a runner, the "M" letter features a heraldic badge that is relevant to the nature of the adventure.

Branding Collateral Design

Outdoor Branding activities included designing a rich and theme oriented GRAPHICS for hoarding design, flyer, poster, standees, banners, office stationery, exhibition stall and other branding collateral. A variety of graphics were created to portray the activities of the adventure club. The graphics retained the same three-tone color scheme used in the logo. The graphics depicted in the branding material featured images of sponsor, runners and forts.

Digital Marketing

Online Branding included the designing and development of their website with rich graphics and catchy unique content. There was an extensive Social Media Branding campaigning done on Facebook. This included designing alluring graphics with instigating and inspiring creative content. Creating of events page, posts, and discussion. Facebook branding activities included promoting the events and its achievements, broadcasting news, connecting with people, creating followers, sending regular updates etc.

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