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SV Group


About the Client

SV Group is a Pune based company that manufactures water treatment plants. They specialize in rain water harvesting systems and related systems. The company has its headquarter located in Wakad, Pune. The company offers products and services pertaining to:

  • Grey water treatment
  • Sewage water treatment
  • Solar energy solutions
  • Fire fighting
  • Architect and civil construct
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • DI Pipeline

Water treatment and environmental services are other areas the client is engaged in. They manufacture and supply products across the country and happen to be primarily serving the infrastructure industry. The company has gained a respectable reputation as a pioneer in the field of rain water harvesting and for meeting international standard quality and ethical practices in its operations. The company has operations in Pune where it is based and also serves clients across INDIA. The client serves across diverse sectors and industries, wherein the infrastructure industry takes precedence in availing the company’s reputable services.

Given WDSOFT Pune's expertise in Industrial branding, they hired us as the solution provider. The client has a clear business vision and wanted to be identified with trust, reliability and quality, and not just another service provider. We decided to create unique brand identity for them that would reflect on the character and the vision of their business.

Branding Services Offered:

Logo Design

As the best logo designers in Pune, entrusted to design a logo that befits a company, we embarked on the challenge to conceive the ideal logo for the company. We brainstormed and came to the decision that logotype instead of an image would be ideal for an organisation of SV Group’s stature.

Logo Concept

A logo is a representation of a company and has the responsibility of illustrating its core values, vision and distinction. At the same time, a logo:

  • Is more than an aesthetic treat to the eye and mind
  • Shoulders the responsibility of creating an unforgettable impact
  • Imprints the company’s identity enduringly
  • Makes an impact at the sub-conscious level for association
  • Elevates Brand Recall

Our logo designers at WDsoft Pune drew together unique ideas and resources to create an exceptional digital marketing campaign. We designed the company’s logo with an aim to aptly reflect its eminence and superiority of products and services it offers. We opted for the logotype version and chose appropriate colours that together go well with all the company stands for.

Significance of Logotype

A logotype is a type of logo which has only text as its logo and no image or pictorial representation (e.g. Coca Cola, Adidas, Samsung, etc.). Logotype is associated with a host of advantages that seemed befitting for SV Group, such as

  • Classic, creates a definitive impression
  • Ideal for company name recognition
  • Better equipped for promoting brand awareness
  • Eliminates chances of brand confusion
  • Easily identifiable
  • removes scope for error

The company in consideration holds a formidable position in its field and the market. It seems spontaneous to associate the company with virtues like clarity, depth and honour. Logotype seemed to be most appropriate for the client's business, which was eventually finalised.

Colors used in the Logo

  • Dark yellow [Olive tone]
  • Strong blue

A company that chose to build business in processing water treatment systems as well as fire fighting systems, solar energy solutions, infrastructure and others. The company thus has deep associations with elements that are diametrically opposite-like fire and ice and yet interrelated. The colours we chose to create the logo (logotype version) for the company are:

  • Dark yellow (olive tone)
  • Strong blue

In the logo, the colour yellow is bordering on olive, which eventually assumes an energizing tone. The warm yellow, by liquefying into olive, symbolises freshness, energy, optimism and vibrant joy. Olive shade has extensive associations with Nature and the natural kingdom. This shade is used to depict S in the company name as represented in the logotype. By contrast, strong blue is widely used in corporate designs where serenity is the custom. Here, the letter "V" is coloured blue, which is a representative of calmness, wisdom and reliability. These merits of differing magnitudes embody the essence of SV Group, which our logo designers came up with after much deliberation and reflections and has been met with a very upbeat response.

Office Stationery Design

A big company like SV Group makes its presence felt through every single facet, including office stationery. We were commissioned to provide a design for its office stationery besides other graphic design services.

Office stationery is undoubtedly a core part of an Organisation. It reflects:

  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Company Values
  • Gracefulness

Associating SV Group with these virtues was a spontaneous assignment for us, which was done duly.

Brochure Design

A brochure is a powerful marketing tool that projects a company in a positive light. WDsoft Pune has also designed a brochure for SV Group to depict the exceptional quality and excellence of its renowned products and services. From the very beginning, we tried our best to sum up the extensive range of the company’s products, services, achievements and vision, which required us to create an appropriate strategy on our part.

Website Design

WDsoft is reputed for superior quality website designs it comes up with effortlessly for clients. We have designed an impressive website for the client which encapsulates the high standards it has attained in its field. We have made appropriate use of artistry, imagination and creativity to highlight in greater detail all that it stands for and all that it enriches its turf with. The goal of WDSOFT Pune's website design services is to create websites that generate leads. So we designed the website with a definite SEO and Content strategy. This resulted in the website ranking higher for business keywords. The website receives considerable organic traffic from search engines which results in quality leads for the business.

So, planning for a brand identity design? Give us a call.