Industrial Videos made by WDsoft Pune

Company profile and industrial video

Company profile and product video focuses on the infrastructure of the company, manufacturing, safety and quality control.

Research has show that Audio/Visual (VIDEOS) are far more effective branding tools than any other channel. More and more companies and businesses are creating Audio/Visual profiles to convey their competency, corporate values, and corporate vision to their clients. The best way to win the hearts of your consumers is to focus on Quality and Safety. An AV (Audio/Visual) overview of your Industry/Manufacturing plant can dramatically change the outlook of your clients, customers and investors.

What we do?

WDsoft Video Making Company is fully equipped with the tools, experience, knowledge and skills required to capture the profile of your Industry on AV format. We can create a professional video that depicts the manufacturing process. The industrial video includes raw materials, processing and treatment, manufacturing, testing and packaging. Throughout the video, the process is explained by voice-over artists with informative content and relevant annotations. Special focus is put on the Infrastructure, facilities, safety measures and human values. The Industrial staff is interviewed at various stages of the video giving it a more personal touch.