Content for Digital and Online Marketing


Digital or Online Marketing is CONTENT driven. Whether it is textual, graphical or audio/visual, you need content at every stage of online/digital marketing campaign. Content plays a pivotal role in building a BRAND Identity. Content is used everywhere – you need Content for your website; for your SEO; for your various advertisements (SEM) – Google ads, Facebook Ads, Yahoo/Microsoft/ Bing Ads, Paid ads, Banners, Video/image ads etc; for Social Media; for landing pages in Pay-Per-Click (Google Adwords); etc and more. We at WDsoft can meet all your ENGLISH Content Writing needs with neat, grammatically correct, captivating content.

Websites are often penalized for DUPLICATE CONTENT. Most Digital Marketing Agencies fail to understand the value and importance of CONTENT. Only having a plush eCommerce website with meager content is not going to help you succeed, that is what most entrepreneurs don’t realize. Every marketing platform is full of cut-throat competition and Online Marketing is no exception to this. There is an ever growing number of businesses going online and you are just one of them. For a given product/service you just on of the many sellers, the same products/services are also offered by a dozen of other competitors. So how do you make sure you stand out from the others.

This calls for novel substance for all your web based promoting channels (SEO/SEM). We can make extraordinary and extra-normal substance in ENGLISH that your clients and web indexes will love to peruse. This will make you champion from others and will be the way in to your prosperity. SEO is the pervasive Online or Digital Marketing technique utilized by organizations around the world. Search Engines advance destinations with new content. What’s more, such locales remain “established” at the top situations for a significantly longer period. So it is evident for a business visionary to gain by this insight.

Content Writing for Article sites

We have smart Content Writers who can write good articles for the same topic with different themes, perspective, approach and standpoint. This is particularly useful when you have to write content on other sites (for article submission, social media, marketplaces like

Content for "Landing Pages"

In Online Marketing, often paid adverting traffic is segregated from the organic one. The paid advertising (SEM) traffic traffic is served a different landing page than the regular web-page. These SEM landing pages are fine-tuned to the SEM/paid traffic and having such pages for different set of keywords, improves the "quality-score" of your campaign in Google Adwords. This has a direct effect on your Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) and ROI. Higher the Quality Score of your landing page is, lower the Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) is and thus higher the ROI is. Our Content Writers can create enticing content for your Google Adwords Landing Pages, that will not only improve your quality score but also have your visitors to convert into customers.

Content writing across all verticals

We have 10 years of experience of writing CREATIVE content for Online marketing campaigns for following verticals - Online Shopping/Retailing,, Flipkart, Snapdeal, OLX; Startups; Hospitality, Hotels and Restaurants; Real Estate Agencies; Tourism and Travel Agencies; Corporate Offices; Fashion, Apparel and Clothing; Small and Medium scale Industries; Sports and Leisure; Healthcare, Doctors and Medical Professionals; Infrastructure and Construction; Educational Institutes, Colleges, Schools and Coaching etc.

Content Writing for SEM Online/Digital Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is another extensively used Online/Digital Marketing channel. SEM comprises of paid online marketing (often Paid) and Google Adwords is the best example of SEM. You need right content for SEM online marketing too. Our qualified content writers can provide you with taglines/catch-lines for your Google Adwords Ad-copy (Or any other PAID Ad) that will improve your Click-Through-Rate (CTR), sending more visitors to your website. Good taglines can increase your CTR even at lower positions in the paid listings saving you money and increasing your Return-On-Investment (ROI).

Quality of the Content for Digital and Online Marketing

We do not compromise on the quality and value of the Content. We strive to deliver the best content for your Digital Marketing campaigns. An industry study has revealed that website visitors often exit the page if they encounter grammatical errors on a web-page, they tend to "mistrust" the website and information within. So it is very necessary to have grammatically correct content for your web-pages. At WDsoft we not only deliver immaculate and grammatically correct but also high-quality and informative content in ENGLISH0 with a distinct flair that will have your users glued to your page.