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Corporate Presentations Videos made by WDsoft Pune

Industrial corporate presentation video focuses on the competency, cutting-edge technology and business profile an vision.

Corporate presentation video focuses on the infrastructure of the company, manufacturing, safety and quality control.

Company profile and corporate presentation video

Corporate presentation video

Who doesn’t love telling stories and sharing experiences with people? Believe it or not, business organisations are also as enthusiastic and keen about expressing themselves as we individuals are. It’s just that business organisation like talking about their products, services, vision, mission, future plans, and etc.in order to create awareness and win customers over. As corporate video makers in Pune – this is what we have observed over the last 10 years.

For that, they need video making services of a great team of experts that can create a favourable image for them in the market. These days, an increasing number of business houses are opting for corporate video making to present them splendidly. WDsoft Pune, a top-notch video making company that specialises in offering an array of video making services like Explainer videos, company profile videos, about us videos, etc.

We at WDsoft Pune have been making corporate videos for our clients belonging to varied segments and areas. We have carved a niche for ourselves in this field and are delighted every time our clients say we’ve made a great difference to their business. We accredit this achievement to the trust they place in us and the efforts that our immensely brilliant team makes towards every assignment.

Corporate Videos – The need of the hour

As a proficient video makers in Pune, we have seen that more and more businesses are now realising the impact that a splendid video makes in today’s world, which traditional means of promotion never could. This is the reason why videos are fast becoming the preferred mode of advertising now. We saw this trend coming long back, hence we took suitable steps to equip ourselves with expertise, means and resources accordingly.

The effort paid off, as all the organisations that got convinced of opting for our video making services for their products or services reported fantastic growth in their business. It made us realise that making corporate videos is more about telling stories and connecting with customers at a deeper level. The trend of opting for video making for advertising products/ services is evident of the fact that videos, which is a form of visual communication, does what mere words cannot. Videos that spell brilliant footage and fabulous content are far more expressive as well as dramatic at conveying information to potential customers. What makes the difference here is that a video caters to senses far more intensely and creates a deep impact than traditional means.

We incorporate details not just about the product and services but also the history of the organisation, it principles and goals along with facilities it boasts of and policies it follows. We also include profile of the leaders and the team along with their achievements. We use specialised high-end cameras, drone cameras, perfect photo shoot setup, visual effects, superior content, voice-over and editing to make videos that really stand out.

What Drives us ahead …

Having a team of exceptionally gifted creative professionals is a valuable asset, which WDsoft Pune is privileged to have. Our team is always well-prepared and enthused to start to begin working promptly the moment a project is announced. We can do the same for you, and assure you of fabulous results instantaneously. We have proven our mettle in making corporate videos for organisations and have earned great appreciation and recommendations from customers.

We go about video making in the following way:

  • Coordinating with the client
  • Storyboarding till shoot
  • Presentation of the final version

WDsoft Pune, a pro at crafting high definition and proficiency in filming techniques, uses the latest production equipment and devices coupled with services of highly talented in-house professionals. Operating in Pune, WDsoft Pune has earned a commendable reputation in making corporate videos in every format including non-fiction videos. We place importance on quality over quality, adapt quickly to latest upgrades and follow a thoroughly professional attitude in all that we do.

We devise a powerful concept note- the core message that the corporate video has to convey through interactions with clients to know the message they want to convey through the video.

We gather relevant information about the company’s target audience, its competitors and anything they want to highlight.

Following that, we chalk out the entire process and adhere to it after devising it in three phases:

Pre-production Phase
It involves audio-video shooting as per the screenplay. It is done after finalising the location and schedule for the video, selecting actors and preparing the Voice Over (VO) draft script.

Production Phase
Actual audio-video shooting recorded as per the screenplay ensuring measures to prevent loss of data due to technical glitches are taken. .

Post-production Phase

  • Converting raw video footage in video editing software
  • Producing the draft version 'line-up'
  • Voice Over (VO) recording done in professional sound recording studio
  • Devising effective opening logo animation and closing screen