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A picture speaks a thousand words, so let your product pictures do the talking. WDsoft offers professional commercial product photography services in Pune.

We are a team of professional commercial photographers in Pune. We specialize in product and packaging photography and offer our services across many verticals. In our 10 years of service we have “shot” for B2B companies, Food, Fashion, Architecture, Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Jewelry, FMCG products, Engineering/Pharma Companies and Educational Institutes.
Commercial Photography for Online Clothing Store [e-Commerce]
Commercial Photography for "Forging Company" IQSSystems India.
Commercial Product Photography done for FMCG Brand "Om Kailash"
Product Photography done for HealthOrgOil
Industrial Photography Done for RAKHOH India
Product Photography done for ATQ Metro
Food Photography done for Hotel in Pune
Industrial Photoshoot for Baldota Kumkum Manufacturer in Pune

Why Commercial Photography

People like to see, touch and feel the product before they buy it, though touching is not possible in the digital world, you can get closer to “touching” with pristine high definition photos. With high definition cameras we can capture the minute details of the product from all sides to give the buyer the “feel” of the product. The clarity of product photos influences the buyers decision to buy the product. Clearer and sharp the product photos are higher are the chances of a successful engagement [sale/lead]. The social media marketing adds a different dimension to the digital marketing realm altogether, making product photography even more relevant.

Commercial Product Photography

More attractive the product photo is, the more trust it creates in the minds of the potential buyers. Vivid photographs of a product are an essential part of branding as a photo reveals more about the product than its textual description. A product can be anything – a simple FMCG item or a complex machinery. Hire WDsoft Pune’s Commercial Photography Service to create crisp product photos for digital marketing, social media marketing, brochures and other branding platforms.

Food Photography

One cannot taste the food by looking at the photos but you can definitely entice your audience to taste the food with succulent photos. Whether you are a restaurant owner, a fast-food joint owner or a coffee shop owner – create flavoursome pictures of your food items with our “tried and tested” commercial food photography service.

Commercial Packaging Photography

Let’s admit it, often the product packaging is more alluring than the product themselves. And hence Product Packaging designs are brand ambassadors in their own rights. Add value to your product packaging with our professional packaging photography.

Our Commercial Photographers

Our commercial photographers are professional artists with each having a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts from esteemed institutions like the Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, PUNE. They are specialized in advertising, media photography and video making with each having 5+ years of experience. We have a well-equipped photo-shoot studio in Pune. Our equipment includes high quality professional cameras, high-end lenses, lights and backdrops. All these equipment are backed by top of the line computers with requisite software for film editing and animation rendering.