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The biggest SEO factor that decides where you would rank in Search Engine listings is CONTENT. The natural rule of thumb is that the more information you share, the more audience you garner. Search Engine Optimization greatly depends on the Content Strategy, neglect the Content Strategy and your SEO efforts bear no fruits. In today’s fast-paced world, content is being consumed at a staggering rate and the SEO strategy calls for “resourceful content” that is easily discoverable on the search engines.

Creating SEO Content is a combination of half science and half art. The science part comprises creating Search Performance Briefs, a unique technique to SEO content writing that eliminates the guesswork from ranking for competitive, business keywords. The art half is collecting the information from those briefs and turning it into SEO content.

SEO Content Strategy

The problem with most websites is that they publish content but the content is not optimized for Search Engines, to put it in the technical terms – the content lacks “Search Intent Optimization”. This results in the content not reaching the desired audience. At WDSOFT we have developed proven SEO Content strategies to make your content easily discoverable on the internet. Here is the glimpse of our SEO Content Strategy.

Keyword Optimized Content

Given our Digital Marketing experience and expertise we have access to a large database of keywords collected from various sources [Google Adwords, Google Search Console, Website Logs etc]. This gives us a good insight into the search intent of the target audience. Also since we have been offering SEO Content Writing Services for various business verticals since 2006, we have gained considerable “Domain Expertise” and know what content resonates with the audience of different businesses.

Content Architecture

Our Content Writing Services incorporate complete Content Architecture for your business website. We know what content to publish for different businesses for better audience engagement.

Keyword Research & Mapping

An important feature of our SEO Content Writing Service is Keyword Research & Mapping. We conduct an extensive keyword research and “map” the keywords to the pages. Each page is assigned “primary” & “secondary” keywords and the relevant content is created with these keywords in focus.

Advanced SEO Concepts

Our Content writers are well versed with advanced SEO concepts like:

  • Entity Salience
  • Semantic Distance
  • Page Segmentation
  • Term Frequency Inverse Document Frequency [TF-IDF] etc.

We implement these advanced concepts while creating SEO Content for your website/blog to improve your search engine rankings. These advanced features are implemented with on-page SEO and internal linking techniques. The benefit of these SEO & Content features is that they strengthen the identity of the keywords and fortify the association of keyword and the page.

Keyword Density & On Page SEO Factors

Our SEO Content Writing Services also include:

  • Textual Content with Relevant Info-Graphics
  • On-Page SEO factors like URL, Meta Title/Description Optimization
  • Keyword Density, Image SEO Optimization including Alt Tags, Titles & Captions
  • HTML Link Optimization with Relevant Anchor Text, Title

Domain Expertise

At WDSOFT we offer SEO Content Writing Services to a wide range of business verticals that include

  • Real Estate Companies
  • B2B/B2C Companies
  • Small/Local Businesses
  • FMCG
  • Retail
  • e-Commerce
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Hospitality
  • Service Providers
  • Etc.

Benefits of SEO Content Services

  • Rank higher for a wide range of Keywords
  • Drive high quality organic traffic to your website
  • Generate more Leads & Sales
  • Get higher ROI & Conversion Ratio
  • Improve Brand Awareness & Trust