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Lead Generation and Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing has now become the most cost-effective channel of generating leads for your business. Online Lead Generation when done correctly, can deliver consistent results over extended period of time. But in absence of adequate knowledge and experience, many businesses fail to exploit the true potential of Digital Marketing for lead generation. This is precisely where WDsoft Pune can help businesses set up and run efficiently their lead generation machine. At WDsoft Pune we have digital marketing experts who can come up with a complete lead generation strategy and implement it with military precision to generate qualified leads which have higher chances of converting into customers.

Lead Generation Strategy

At this stage depending upon the nature of the business and budget of our client we decide which digital marketing channel (SEO, PPC, Content, Social Media Marketing etc.) to utilize to generate leads. For example a PPC is the logical lead generation channel for a client offering niche B2B services/products, while SEO and SMM channels are more suited for businesses dealing in Retail or B2C products/services. Also in this phase we quantify and schedule all the lead generation work and activities necessary.
In this stage our cooperation in close coordination with the customer to comprehend his needs, desires, what we can convey and the expense and time included. With broad experience of all promoting channels, techniques and verticals we have built up a kind of “x-ray vision” where we can anticipate how these lead age channels will function for your business.

Lead Generation through Search Marketing

In the digital arena most online activities begin with SEARCH. So to be found for the relevant keyword searched becomes the logical step towards lead generation. Search Marketing is further divided into Pay Per Click (PPC) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Pay-Per-Click or just PPC is one of the most effective and swift method of generating qualified leads for any business. It won’t be an exaggeration if we say that PPC can generate leads almost instantly. We have thorough understanding of the Pay Per Click principles employed in Google’s paid advertising program – Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords). Lead generation through PPC is a tricky process, firstly because it involves money, secondly because there are various factors (like keywords, keyword-match, bid option, landing page quality, geographic targeting, quality score, budget, negative keywords etc.) that affect the position and visibility of your ad. Unprofessional and amateurish planning and execution of PPC campaigns can lead to irrelevant website traffic and lower ROI. Lead generation through Pay Per Click programs like Google Ads require in-depth planning, advertising platform knowledge and extensive domain knowledge too. At WDsoft Pune, over the past decade we have generated leads for a variety of clients across different verticals – this extensive knowledge and experience has made us “domain experts” of all major verticals.

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is another demonstrated strategy for lead age for your business. At WDsoft Pune we have long stretches of involvement in tweaking sites to make them rank higher in Google web crawler result pages. With long periods of experience we have understood that SEO leads have HIGHER transformation rates than PPC and can convey predictable outcomes over a significant stretch. Again our area learning and ability prove to be useful here moreover. Our SEO specialists are skilled at investigating the correct catchphrases and upgrading the substance, joins, pictures, filenames and titles to coordinate the objective keyword(s). Our SEO specialists are knowledgeable with the common SEO procedures and patterns, and consistently embrace the developing ones. Connection accommodation, in-bound connections, articles accommodation, gatherings discourses, visitor posts are a portion of the off-page SEO procedures we utilize to produce leads.

Content Marketing though a sub-set of SEO plays most important role in lead generation through SEO. At WDsoft Pune we have a team of accomplished content writers who can create informative and SEO friendly content that would make your website rank higher in Google. Being leaders in Content Marketing we understand that content marketing is not just about content writing but rather encompasses the whole content architecture. This involves the synergy of website, website structure, SEO and Information (Content). Our experts identify your products and services to be promoted then research the topics for creating content for the given products/services and map the content to the web-pages. This approach leaves no room for any errors.

Social Media

Social Media Marketing campaigns supplement the SEO activities. We have learned from our experience that Social Media Marketing delivers better results for certain verticals. Our social media marketing strategy is not limited to Facebook posts and tweets. We look at creating more followers with expert posts, images, memes, videos etc.