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Baldota Kumkum

About the B2B Company:

"Bladota Kumkum and Gulal Manufacturers" is a reputed B2B company based in Pune. They are a leading color manufacturers in INDIA with in-house color manufacturing facility in Pune. Baldota Kumkum's prime focus is on the safety of their product. They manufacture body-safe, safe-to-touch colors like kumkum, gulal and holi colors.

Client's Goal: Baldota Kumkum was facing cut-throat competition in its business segment and wanted to run aggressive branding campaigns to fortify their no. 1 position in the market, with a focus on the safety feature of their product.

Our Branding Strategy:

As a Retainer Agency for providing Graphic Design and Digital Marketing services, we were tasked with creating the entire branding strategy and campaigns for the client. Before doing the graphic design, our designers at WDsoft Pune concocted a thorough branding strategy for the B2B Company. Here we identified and analysed the key USPs of the client, their audience, their strength, present branding scenario, and other parameters. We decided to completely re-design all the communication channels and re-design the brand logo. It was decided to follow a common branding theme that would be adopted across all the platforms - physical and digital. The branding designs were modified to concur with the festivals, events, seasons and the prevailing socio-cultural circumstances. Also our goal was to keep the same branding theme across all the platforms.
Logo Concept:
Given the nature of the business, its association with color, and the target audience - WDsoft Pune's graphic designers decided to give a feminine perspective to the logo.
Logo Colors:

Baldota kumkum being a color and gulal manufacturing company the color combination used was Red, Gray and black in the logo. Red is a very auspicious color in Indian culture. Be it the red saree that the bride wears on her big day to the red bangles, or the red sindoor that married Hindu women put in the parting of hair red is everywhere. A wedding invitation card is not considered complete unless it’s colored red on the corners while the color black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Gray color is a more neutral shade and is identified with tranquility, sophistication, strength and balance.

Meaning of the Logo:

Given the imaginative and freehand style of inventive type of work, the logo has an enormous cursive B in red shading over a dark "Baldota" where in the "O" is a red "bindi" that is generally observed on the brows of every Indian lady. Kumkum and gulal are utilized during celebrations in India as a signal of satisfaction, improvement so as to make mind boggling point by point craftsmanship while gulal is applied on the essences of friends and family.

Corporate Video Making:

Bladota Kumkum, Color and Gulal Manufacturer's requirement was to create an online identity and a "trust-building" branding campaign. It wasn't hard for us to create the branding theme. We created a theme based on Quality and Safety - considering the nature of the product. To instill confidence and trust in the minds of Baldota Kumkum's customers, we decided to convey the message through a video. The video covers picturesque location of the facility, its infrastructure, accommodations, serene surroundings, the manufacturing process with focus on the Quality and Safety.

Website Design:

We understand that a website should be designed to generate leads, sales, increase brand awareness and subsequently make your business grow. AT WDsoft Pune our website design philosophy is simple - "Design Websites that Generate Leads". WDsoft Pune's digital marketing team made a thorough analysis and compiled a list of the keywords searched by Baldota Kumkum's customers. The keywords used by the client's customers are: "kumkum manufacturer in India", "holi colour manufacturer in India", "gulal manufacturer in india" etc. The second phase was to create relevant content optimized for these keywords.

SEO Services:

Our content writers at WDsoft Pune then created keyword infused SEO content, keyword optimized titles, meta descriptions, SEO-friendly images - for the website. Our content writers also created crisp branding slogans and catch-lines relevant occasions, that further enhance to brand identity and adds sophistication to the branding campaigns.

Marketing Collateral:

The branding collateral were designed with the vibrant colors to reflect on the spirit of the product. This included brochure, flyers, shade cards, vising cards.

Outdoor Media:

Considering the character of the client's product range and its affinity with colors, festivity, happiness, safety, culture and heritage - it immediately dawned on us that "Bigger is Better". Size does matter in branding, it is even more true when we consider the product in this case-study. For outdoor advertising we designed posters and banners of various sizes and with different themes. We incorporated the safety aspect of the product (safe to touch) and its relevance with the national festival of Holi, in our designs.

Benefits of a Retainer Agency:

Given the nature of the client's product range and their use in various festivals and occasions, there was a need to change the branding campaigns according to the occasions. Hence we decided to get involved with the branding exercise for a long-term. We became associated with the client as a "Retainer" agency providing graphic design and digital marketing services throughout the year. Working with a Retainer Agency like WDsoft Pune, saves clients money, they get all the services under one roof and they don't have to search for new service provider every-time they need to make changes to their marketing campaigns.