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Brochure design for data science company by wdsoft

The information technology (IT) industry is growing by leaps and bounds. Consequently, a lot of IT companies are taking advantage of the opportunities by devising right marketing strategies. One of the best communication tools to hit the target is a brochure. Getting your company brochure designed from a reputed branding and advertising agency is essential for a complete marketing and advertising plan.

What is a brochure?

A brochure is a visually appealing and informative marketing collateral, containing details about a product, service, organization, a brand or an event. Brochures are mostly used by businesses, companies, and institutions to promote their offerings or to communicate to their target audience. In spite of digital revolution taking over, printed brochures still play an important role in a marketing strategy.

How to design a great brochure for an IT company?

Brochure is a versatile marketing tool, which can be distributed in physical form at exhibitions, trade shows, launch events or showcased on the website in e-brochure format. IT companies are active in the technological domain, hence the brochure has to be precise, to-the-point, informative and sleek in design.

What to do before designing a brochure for an IT company?

  • Firstly, define the objectives to be achieved with your brochure, because the copy and design will be done accordingly.
  • Secondly, define the target audience. Is your brochure B2B or B2C?
  • Thirdly, outline the context in which it is to be used. Is it going to be handed out in an exhibition, or to be put on the website as an e-brochure?

Considering these main points, move on to conceptualize, design and create a fantastic brochure for your IT company. Also keep in mind, that the IT professionals don’t have much time to read a lengthy and boring brochure. So keep it crisp, engaging and interesting.

Tips to design a brochure for an IT company

Identify your target audience: Before starting the design process, identify your target audience and understand their needs and preferences. This will help you create a brochure that resonates with them and addresses their pain points.

Highlight the benefits

Instead of emphasizing on the technical details, focus on the advantages and benefits offered by your company's products or services. Elaborate how they are the right solutions for your target audience.

Make it elegant

Do not clutter the brochure with excessive text or crowded visuals. Design your IT company brochure elegantly, with a simple, clean, and reader-friendly approach, with the right amount of white space.

Use excellent quality printing

Ensure that you are using high-quality printing. The production quality of your brochure should be superior and sophisticated. It should look professional and polished. It builds trust and credibility in the minds of your consumers.

Incorporate attractive visuals

Use excellent and concept-specific visuals, such as photographs, images, charts, or infographics, to communicate your message in a colourful and refreshing way. Use your brand colours and fonts.

Mention a call-to-action

It is beneficial to include a direct call-to-action in your IT company brochure. It might be a website link or a phone number, to motivate your potential consumers to take the buying decision.

Keep language corporate

The language of your brochure should be corporate, crisp and easy to understand. The headlines should be attractive. This will help to ensure that your final brochure is effective and impactful.

Brochure Design Company in Pune, INDIA

Traditionally Brochures have been defined as – “A folding informative promotional document.” A Catalog is an INDEX of products [and sometimes services] with brief information about the products. WDSOFT is a reputed Brochure and Catalog Design Company in Pune India.

Brochure Designing at WDSOFT Pune

WDSOFT Pune is a leading agency providing brochure designing services for IT companies. At WDSOFT Pune, we understand how important Brochures are for your business and strive to deliver the best Brochure Design that is pleasing, memorable, appealing and stands out from the rest. Our brochure design process is linear and interactive. Our brochure designers brainstorm on your IT products/services, objectives, business vertical, your audience, brand attributes and then design the appropriate theme for the brochure. At WDSOFT Pune branding and advertising agency , we elaborate the strengths and vision of your IT brand. Our services also include product photography, content and brand messaging. Our IT brochure design features high definition product images with relevant technical content. Eye-catching designs, smart layouts, high-definition images are the hallmarks of our designs.

Our domain expertise

WDSOFT has been offering branding and design services in Pune for over 12 years now. We have designed hundreds of brochures, catalogs and flyers for a wide range of business verticals for clients in Pune and all over INDIA. Our brochure design portfolio for IT companies is very impressive, and we have designed for prestigious brands.

Brochure Designers

At WDSOFT Pune we have an experienced team of Brochure designers, logo designers, graphics designers, artists, content writers and strategists trained to design the most apt Brochure for your business.

Use excellent quality printing

Ensure that you are using high-quality printing. The production quality of your brochure should be superior and sophisticated. It should look professional and polished. It builds trust and credibility in the minds of your consumers.

e-brochures and PDFs of IT company brochures

WDSOFT Pune offers e-Flyers, e-Brochure and e-Catalog design services for IT companies. Our designers convert the brochures hard copies into PDF, e-Brochures/catalogs are cost effective as there is no printing involved and eco-friendly too.

Content writing for brochures

Our content writers work closely with brochure designers and come up with attractive and relevant slogans and taglines for business, corporate and other brochures.

Brochure designs for various businesses

In addition to brochure design services for IT companies, we also cater to other business verticals including Hospitality, Home-stays, food and Beverages, Spa and Leisure, Travel and Tourism, Interior Design Firms, Security Company, NGOs, IT/ Software Companies, Industries, Engineering Companies, Hospitals and so on.

Types of Brochures done by WDSOFT

Brochure Printing Services Pune

At WDSOFT Pune, our IT company brochure designers deliver the best in class brochure. To ensure the quality of the graphics we print the brochures on high-end brochure printers, with innovative technology and latest techniques. If you are an IT company aiming for a world-class brochure for your marketing plans, do get in touch with us. WDSOFT Pune is ready to serve you.