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Nishi Marketing


Logo Design for Nishi Marketing

Nishi is an Nashik based advertising and marketing agency.

Logotype - The Nishi Advertising Agency logo is a combination logo that combines wordmark and pictorial image. The combination logos are easy to remember and enhance brand association.

Logo Design - The logo features petals portraying a blossoming flower followed by the brand name "Nishi". All the words ["adds" and "marketing"] are in lower case. Lower case signifies playfulness and has a casual vibe. The logo design features the words "nishi", "adds" and "marketing". "adds" is the sensational spelling of the word "Ads".

Logo Colors - Black and Red are the colors used in the Nishi advertising agency logo design. Black signifies sophistication, professionalism, elegance, power and seriousness. Red color portrays energy, thrill and warmth. The combination of red and black color in the logo easily seeks the attention of the user.

Logo Meaning - The Nishi Advertising Agency logo design conveys smooth work flow. All the petals are black exception one which is red, it is to show how the work they do stand out from the rest.

Character of the Logo - The Nishi advertising agency logo character reflects on professionalism [black color], sophistication

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