Instagram Marketing, Advertising & Branding Services by WDSOFT

Instagram has 1 Billion active monthly users and over 500 million daily active users. if you analyse the top 100 brands worldwide, 90% have an Instagram account. There are several reliable methods to generate sales, leads, and more via Instagram, as many of the biggest brands in the world have shown.


Instagram is specifically a photo and video-sharing platform. Visual content is effectively more powerful than text. Photos help businesses to highlight products while you can share your service in action through videos. You can share your company's culture, behind the scenes aspects through Instagram and get noticed by your potential customers.


Likes, comments, and direct messages are a few of Instagram's features that promote interaction. This can assist companies and individuals in developing relationships with their followers and clients, which may increase attachment and revenue.

Insights and analytics

Instagram provides a variety of insights and analytics tools so that users and businesses can monitor their success on the app. Making data-driven decisions about their content and marketing strategies will enable them to better comprehend their audience.

Wide reach

Instagram has a global audience of more than one billion active users each month. This implies that companies and people can communicate with people all over the world, which helps grow their brand or network.

Influencer marketing

There is a sizable group of influencers on Instagram who have developed sizable fan bases. This makes it an excellent setting for companies to work with influencers to market their goods or services to their followers.

Strategy for an Instagram marketing

As per Instagram’s statistics, 60% of its users use the platform to explore and research products, leading both retailers and e-commerce businesses to view Instagram as an extension of their physical stores. 

Crafting a successful marketing strategy on Instagram can assist in broadening your audience, elevating brand recognition, and enhancing user engagement. The following steps can be taken to develop an Instagram marketing strategy:

  • Define your target audience: Find out the characteristics of your ideal client, including their interests and mannerisms. 
  • Set your goals: Decide what you desire to accomplish with your Instagram marketing plan. Is the goal to raise brand recognition, produce leads, increase sales, or something else? 
  • Create a content strategy: Create a comprehensive content strategy that corresponds with your objectives and appeals to your intended audience. Utilise a variety of photos, videos, and stories to maintain a dynamic and captivating content presence.
  • Optimize your profile: Make sure your Instagram profile accurately represents your brand and includes a clear representation, a profile picture, and your contact information.
  • Apply hashtags: Add suitable hashtags to your posts to make them more visible and appealing to a wider audience.
  • Get your audience involved: In order to cultivate relationships with your audience, quickly respond to comments, messages, and mentions.

Content on Instagram

Instagram content comprises images, videos, and text that users post on the social media platform. It is critical in marketing because it enables businesses to connect with their desired audience, create brand awareness, and advertise their products or services. By crafting engaging and appropriate content on Instagram, businesses can improve their visibility, attract new followers, and reinforce their bond with existing customers. Moreover, Instagram’s visual aspect allows businesses to demonstrate their brand image and differentiate themselves in a competitive environment. Ultimately, Instagram content is an effective marketing strategy that can assist businesses in achieving their marketing objectives and expanding their operations.

Graphic Designs for Instagram

The Instagram graphic design aims to produce visually striking content that appeals to your target audience and assists in achieving social media objectives. This entails using typography, colour, imagery, and layout to create visually engaging posts, stories, and reels. An infographic is a kind of content that provides information through graphic images. Through infographic creatives, content consumption becomes easier for the viewers. It is essential to consider the platform’s unique limitations and optimise content for mobile viewing when designing graphics for Instagram. The aim is to build a consistent and identifiable visual brand identity that distinguishes your account and engages your followers. Effective graphic design on Instagram can enhance brand recognition, encourage engagement, and ultimately lead to audience growth.

Reels and videos on Instagram

Using reels and videos on Instagram can be a valuable marketing strategy, as they offer a visually compelling and captivating way to exhibit products, services, or brand messaging. With the help of Instagram’s algorithm, businesses can amplify their reach and expand brand awareness. Cleverly incorporating hashtags and imaginative captions can also increase content exposure and lure potential customers. Moreover, the option to include links in Instagram stories and profiles can drive traffic to a company’s website or e-commerce store. Ultimately, reels and videos can serve as a potent tool for businesses to connect with their audience and establish a robust online presence on Instagram.

Instagram advertising

Businesses can utilise Instagram advertising to effectively reach their target audience and promote their products or services. With more than a billion active users, Instagram offers businesses a huge potential customer base. The platform offers a variety of advertising options, such as sponsored posts, stories, and reels, that enable businesses to create visually compelling and captivating content. Instagram advertising allows businesses to target specific demographics, interests, behaviours, and locations, ensuring that their advertisements reach the most appropriate audience. Furthermore, Instagram’s advertising features provide comprehensive insights and analytics that allow businesses to track ad performance, optimise campaigns, and measure return on investment (ROI). Regardless of the size of the business, Instagram advertising can be an effective marketing tool. With its extensive audience, creative opportunities, and potent targeting options, Instagram advertising can help businesses expand their online presence, enhance brand awareness, and boost sales.