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Industrial explainer video focuses on the competency, cutting-edge technology and business profile an vision.

Industrial explainer video focuses on the competency, cutting-edge technology and business profile an vision.

As an adept Explainer video making company in Pune we have realized that we are living an age where our minds are kept incessantly engaged with ideas cascading like there’s no tomorrow. Years of video making experience has made us understand that every company is doing its best to grab our attention for the longest time possible in order to win over our trust and sell its product or service. In today’s highly competitive world, retaining potential customers’ attention is crucial, thanks to the declining attention span they surf with and tend to leave web pages unread within seconds if they lose interest. In fact, statistics shows that almost 20% people don’t stay on a webpage for even five seconds now. Marketers, therefore, are frantically striving to capture attention of as many people as they can.

However, in view of the above observations, marketers need not despair as all is not lost. At WDsoft explainer video making company Pune, we have come to understand that the behavioural patterns of netizens in the same arena indicate that they are very receptive to watching videos In other words, if a company advertises its product by making a video instead of providing information through webpage content, it is more likely to attract customers. According to latest report and studies, marketers who are opting for video are witnessing as much as 49% increase in their revenue. Even the conversion rate is known to rise by as much as 80% if video is the chosen mode of advertising. Here, explainer videos come into the picture as the perfect solution slated to tackle this problem.

What is an Explainer Video?

An explainer video is a short online video that depicts the core of a product or service in an easy, eye-catching and convincing manner. It uses striking visuals along with simple and clear language to create the desired impact on customer.

There are different types of explainer videos that suit diverse company needs, which are as under:

Benefits Videos – These videos disseminate ample amount of information about products or services in a simplified way, hence are perfectly suited to the cover of your website or landing page.

Demo Videos – They elucidate in-depth details buyers want to have before making a purchase.

FAQ videos – These videos are in the common questions and answers format meant to address doubts.

“How To” Videos –Important product or service-related details are illustrated and presented in these videos.

Testimonial Videos – They build trust and establish a favourable reputation for the product or service in the minds of customers.

Salient Features of a Great Explainer Video

Before one embarks on making an explainer video, acquiring and implementing the nuances of the following tips will be of great help:

Animation style – The right animation style that suits the concerned product or service animation style in terms of the tone, trademark and target audience should be chosen with meticulousness. It should be appealing, lucid and easy to understand.

Graphics – As a form of visual illustration, graphics create a huge impact on viewers. Companies should therefore incorporate graphics that suit the trends, sensibilities and taste of potential customers.

Music– The right type of music can enhance the appeal and effectiveness of the product or service to a great extent.

Script – A script is the backbone of a story, ad or video. Ideally, an explainer video script is up to 90 seconds long and crisply rakes up the “pain points” of the customer and delivers solution through its potential.

Subtitles – Although subtitles don’t figure high on viewers’ list when it comes to watching videos, fact is, they are desired and read up by most viewers for better understanding of the subject matter.

Voice over – The narrator’s voice matters a lot as it sets the tone of the product or service, hence it should be chosen with great care.

WDsoft Pune’s Edge

We at WDsoft Pune Video Making Company are equipped to create top-notch level explainer videos.

Besides animated explainer videos like Whiteboard Animation, Motion Graphics, Motion Graphics and Character Animation, at WDsoft video making company Pune we also shoot the following:

And many other forms of creative expression through videos

We thus repeat will full certainty that our recordings go past the customary and spotlight on associating the character of your image with individuals through our completely altered video content. They consolidate positive relatable components that carry the client closer to your creation.

At WDsoft Pune Explainer Video Company – We employ best quality technology and techniques that enhance the overall feel of animated videos. We are proficient at catering to all types of products across genres in the best possible way. You can rest be assured that by entrusting WDsoft Explainer Video Making Company, with your brand you’ll win customers over by conveying your message effectually. We infuse versatility and openness in everything we create, which empowers us to gauge what suits your product or service the most. The fact that prestigious businesses and organizations like Rakhoh Boilers, Baldota Kumkum, Minerva College of Architecture and several others have hired our services is testimony to our credibility and standing