Company Profile Video Making Ideas

Company Profile Video Making Ideas

What is a Company Profile?

It is a professional description of a company that introduces its business, background, objectives and status to people associated with it and potential clients and customers. It is seen as a formal, impersonal statement that is focused on providing details. A company profile elaborates (albeit concisely) on its products, services, strengths and achievements that it wants to highlight and get noticed. It may well be called a company’s Resume at it builds its brand awareness and outlines its salient features to express itself clearly and distinguishes itself from others.

It is important for companies to incorporate a well-drafted profile that not only furnishes information but also captures the attention of people. For that, a company profile should be engaging, vivid and interesting besides being informative. It is definitely not inappropriate to break this notion and make the profile sound spirited and yet professionally correct. Company Profile Video Ideas In today’s era of technological advancement and innovations, company profiles are increasingly being presented in the video format.

Here are a few points that can come in handy while making a company profile video:

Highlight Core of your Business: Since it’s a company profile you wish to record as a video, stay focused on the basics and relevant details.

The video content should emphasize on:

  • Company background (how it got started)
  • Company values
  • Vision and mission
  • Products and services
  • Achievements

A Bit about Members of the Organisation: It will help to give a human touch to your company profile video. It can be done by including clippings, images and even short interviews of the members of the organisation. An office tour and even behind-the-scene moments can also make the video far more interesting and enlightening for viewers.

The how-to Element: If you offer a product whose usage needs demonstration, make a nice how-to video for the convenience of the viewers. It is sure to be regarded as a valuable part of your company profile.

Roundups: Gather your company’s pictures and images that give a glimpse into what it stands for. Make a roundup video out of them and share it on various platforms.

FAQs Clip: Compile a list of the most frequently asked questions you receive and try answering them in a lively, attractive manner to inform, clarify and create an impact.

Get Creative: A company profile is not really a stiff upper-lip formal document in motion. Try incorporating animation, humor, incidents and experiences in a unique way to illustrate the profile of your company.

Why present the Company Profile with Video?

According to experts, corporate videos, including company profile videos, are well on the path of being the preferred mode of communication. Videos are expected to surpass traditional means of communication as customers are already indicating their preference for videos on various platforms. In fact, statistics show that in the coming times, viewership of video content will be above 80%. Corporate gurus have noted it, and are gearing up accordingly. Hence, to reach out to maximum people, videos (company profile videos included), which appeal to senses more effectively, are a must-have in today’s’ times.

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