How to do SEO for a Real Estate Business | 2023 Real Estate SEO Ideas

How to do SEO for a Real Estate Business | 2023 Real Estate SEO Ideas

Of all the digital marketing channels, SEO drives the largest chunk of organic website traffic followed by Pay-Per-Click. So it is imperative to harness the potential of the

Use Google Trends to research and compare keywords and their popularity amongst target audience.

Every industry including real estate today has to have an online presence along with a solid SEO plan. It is important to consider the fact that 86% of home buyers consider real estate websites to seek information regarding properties and almost 44% of home buyers begin to search for homes online. Considering that digital space is the new home for marketing, every real estate developer needs to create a digital marketing plan that revolves around a sound Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy for your REAL ESTATE business.

If you are still wondering which strategies you should adopt for SEO, here are a few key ones that will help you kick-start your Real Estate SEO campaign.

Real Estate SEO
SEO is an indispensable tool to generate leads for your Real Estate business.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 1 – Understanding what keywords are searched

Your prospective clients use keywords to discover real estate properties. The most common type of keywords use to discover real estate properties are “flats”, “apartments”, “homes” followed by the city and suburb names. To give an example, in Pune city, the most common keywords used to search for real estate properties are:

  • buy flats in pune
  • buy homes in puneUnderstanding what keywords are searched
  • buy apartments in pune
  • buy flats in kothrud
  • buy flats in bavdhan
  • buy flats in Bawdhan
Keywords play the most important role in Real Estate SEO

Understand what keywords people search to find real estate properties. “Flats in Pune” is the most competitive keyword used by home buyers in Pune.

Google Trends is the best tool to research and compare keywords. Understand different type of keywords people are using. After doing the keyword research it is now easier to decide which keywords to target for Real Estate website SEO.

Use Google Trends to find keywords

Google trends let you compare different keywords with respect to their popularity popular. “Flats in Pune” is way ahead in popularity as compared to “Homes in Pune” and “Apartments in Pune”.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 2 – Keywords in Title Tag

If you are a real estate developer in Pune having various housing projects in Pune city and periphery, then your index page title should say “Buy Flats in Pune”. Most real estate developers ignore the basic on-page SEO techniques. “Title Tag” is the most important of all the on-page SEO factors and this is where you have to use your keyword. Often real estate developers tend to use the name of the housing project in the title, which is not a bad idea but when the competition is cut-throat you are losing precious SEO advantage. Let’s explain this with real-life example.

Ill-Optimized Title Tag

UN-Optimized (if there is such a term) title tag is bad for SEO

Kumar Properties is a renowned Real Estate Developer in Pune. Notice the un-optimized Title Tag. The Real Estate giant has a housing project in Kothrud – biggest suburb of Pune. The correct title tag would have been “Buy Flats in Kothrud, Pune”.

Well Optimized Title Tag

An example of SEO Optimized title tag

Rohan Builders is another Real Estate Giant from Pune. Notice the well optimized Title Tag with the keyword “Buy Flats in Bawdhan, Pune” appearing in the beginning of the title followed by the project name.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 3 – Meta Description and Meta Keywords

After the title tag use the same keywords smartly in the meta description. If we were to create a meta description for the above example they would be as follows:

Rohan Builders
Buy Flats in Bawdhan, Pune. Rohan Builders’ Rohan Madhuban II offers 2/3 BHK apartments in Bawdhan, Pune. Spacious homes with urban lifestyle, facilities and amenities in Bawdhan, the fastest developing suburb of Pune.

Kumar Properties
Buy Flats in Kothrud, Pune. Kumar Properties’ Hill View Residency offers 2/3 BHK apartments in Kothrud, Pune. Buy your dream home in kothrud, the most developed suburb of Pune. Loaded with urban lifestyle amenities, ample space, and clean water supply and well connected.

Notice how the keywords are well placed in the Meta description. The description starts with the main keyword Buy flats in, with other variations (home and apartment) smartly spaced.

Meta Keywords
Use relevant keywords in the Meta keywords tag. Again to cite the above examples, the keywords would be:

Kumar Properties
“buy flats in kothrud, buy apartments in kothrud, buy 2 bhk flat in kothrud, buy 3 bhk flat in kothrud, buy apartment in kothrud, 2 bhk apartment in kothrud, buy 3 bhk apartment in kothrud, buy 2 bhk home in kothrud, buy 3 bhk home in kothrud, buy flats in pune, buy apartments in pune”.

Rohan Builders
“buy flats in bawdhan, buy apartments in bawdhan, buy 2 bhk flat in bawdhan, buy 3 bhk flat in bawdhan, buy apartment in bawdhan, 2 bhk apartment in bawdhan, buy 3 bhk apartment in bawdhan, buy 2 bhk home in bawdhan, buy 3 bhk home in bawdhan, buy flats in pune, buy apartments in pune”

Make extensive use of niche keywords as elaborated in the examples above.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 4 – Research and Analyze

Before you begin to lay down a plan for Search Engine Optimization for your real estate company, start by researching what is trending in the market and what are your competitors doing to direct traffic. The best way to achieve it is to conduct an SEO audit of your competitors and your own website as well. This will help you understand where exactly you are lacking in terms of ranking, driving organic traffic, generating leads, and converting clients. Keep an eye on elements such as content, page structure, site structure, links, and the website’s usability. Once you have a fair idea where you stand, it is easy to create a road-map to rectify the negatives.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 5 – Keywords for Real Estate Business

Search (Engine) is the information super-highway and Keywords are the “vehicles” and riding in these “vehicles” are the visitors. Keywords with more searches can be treated like big vehicles like a BUS or even a TRAIN – because more people use them to ride on the highway. So you need to identify which keywords people are searching the most. Google Trends gives you a fairly good idea of what people are searching for.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 6 – Tune-up your website

When it comes to a website, start by searching what keywords will help you improve your search engine ranking. Research the keywords, especially target local keyword phrases and inculcate them smartly in your website’s content. Design wise, ensure that the website is crisp looking, has the right colors and fonts to make it readable and attractive. The design should load fast even on lower speed connections. Make sure that the structure and design are optimized to be responsive; this will help you to target individuals on various platforms such as a computer, tablet, and smartphones.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 7 – Revolutionize your content

When it comes to content for your website, it is not necessary that you stick to old school text technique. Search engines can crawl through alt texts of images and video descriptions as well to boost your rankings. Present your content in the right manner with a mix of photos and videos along with the text. In fact, if you have a prime property model, display its 3D or 360-degree view for customers. Create walk-through videos, customer experiences, and photos that show details of all the facilities that you are offering.

Also, structure your data in a way that your content can earn a featured snippet position on search engines. Another great way to improve the appearance of your search results is to implement schema or data markup. It helps in enhancing the aesthetics of the search results and thus presenting you a better rank. This provides you with an edge over the competition, directs traffic to your website, and increases conversion rates.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 8 – Attach a blog

Another way to ensure that you stay up in the ranking is to add content on a timely basis on your blog. A blog provides you with a great way to market yourself without imposing on the customers. Provide them knowledge of the real estate market and information on the latest trends. An informative blog that is updated regularly with a great structure that is easy to read can earn your customer’s trust.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 9 – Listings and content on other websites

Real estate developers have the access to numerous brokering websites that allow you to post your properties and information. Make sure that these websites have your listings and the content that you offer there helps customers identify you as a trusted and genuine developer. Also tune up your bio with the targeted local keywords on their websites too to come up in the ranking.

Real Estate 2023 SEO Idea 10 – Harness the power of social media

A great way to serve your offers is to promote yourself on various social media platforms. Apart from paid advertisements, you can use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter, and more to your advantage. Create an exceptional page that targets your customers and provides them value. Post images, videos, and texts of your properties offer information, announce discounts, host competitions, and such various marketing techniques to engage people. This will make them aware of your presence, redirect them towards your website, and eventually get interested in purchasing a house from you. Remember, people like interaction, and so open a FAQs section where you help them resolve queries related to house purchasing. Don’t forget to link these accounts to the main website and use appropriate keywords on the posts as well.

The above are a few methods by which you can tune up your website and optimize it to achieve better search engine rankings. The key is to keep pushing at all avenues on a timely interval. Stick to the strategy, be patient and soon you will have traffic and business coming your way.

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