Real Estate Advertising in 2023 | Services, Strategy, Examples and Ideas

Real Estate Advertising in 2023 | Services, Strategy, Examples and Ideas

For most real estate agencies and companies, advertising can be a challenge with tough competition in the market. In every location, there are many builders who want to sell their properties to homebuyers, so finding the right advertising strategy plays a vital role. Today, when you plan a project in Pune or any other city, irrespective of whether it is a commercial property, residential property, or a plotting project, you need a smart advertising strategy that covers all media – offline and online. While many products sell exceptionally well through social media, websites, or digital ads, real estate still relies extensively on traditional media. Have you noticed that most of the ads in the newspaper currently are related to real estate? Or if you step out of your home and drive through the neighborhood, many of the hoardings are for projects or builders, promoting their brand. So how do you create a successful real estate advertising strategy?

1. Start with Your Online Presence

More than 92% of home seekers search for property online. It’s no surprise that online portals are doing so well because most people want to get all the information online before they actually go to visit a property. For most customers, if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist. So, start by building your online presence so that all your other advertising efforts result well. For instance, if you give a newspaper ad, the prospect will first search for you online before calling the sales executive! Virtual tours on your website are also a great idea to promote your project to prospective buyers who might not be able to visit your site. Videos result in 49% faster sales for marketers compared to non-video users.

2. Embrace the Outdoors
As people are now stepping out, it’s an excellent opportunity to invest in outdoor
advertising for your real estate business. You can consider hoardings near your location so that people in the vicinity are aware of the new project. For more cost-effective options, bus and autorickshaw ads play a significant role in building your brand in the outdoor space. Some other effective outdoor media include bus stop advertising banners, kiosks, mall advertising, etc.

3. Print Media Still Rules

While social media has taken over in most cases, for real estate services, print media still brings exceptional results. Consider newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyers, pamphlets, brochures, etc. to sell your real estate property. Opt for an effective brochure design because it will be the key messaging and communication collateral that your customers will take home with them after visiting your site. In case of newspaper or magazine ads, it’s always good to connect with the current times, share details of some offers or discounts, and invite customers for a site visit with an impactful message and design. Remember, the life of a print ad is only for one day so it must be truly value-driven.

4. Digital Advertising Tips and Tricks

Finally, nothing compares to the ROI on digital platforms and thus, digital ads play a crucial role in the advertising plan of all real estate companies. Especially since the lockdown, many builders and developers have shifted their focus to digital media and you’d be surprised to know that many projects even sold out just with digital promotions. Using search engine marketing, paid advertising and PPC helps builders reach out to specific customers. With digital media, the best part is targeting wherein you can select your customers based on multiple factors, including their location, thus increasing your chances of getting qualified leads. Similarly, paid social media marketing plays a big role in getting your project across to customers looking for a home. Today, most people in all age groups are online – whether it is youngsters, millennials or even seniors and adults. 

Work from home, emails, and social media apps on smartphones have made it possible for real estate companies to reach out to their customers with paid promotions. Keep your posts interactive, engaging, and result-oriented. Solve problems for your customers to get maximum results. For instance, you can talk about an extra room to help customers work from home, or about the nature around that helps boost immunity and keep the body fit and healthy.

5. Marketing Collaterals for Branding your Real Estate Business
Last but not least, your marketing collaterals should be in line with the communication on all other platforms. This includes your brochures, leaflets, diaries, office stationery, visiting cards, envelopes, letterheads, etc. Corporate branding will help your employees feel connected to the brand and they will become brand ambassadors, helping you you’re your projects faster. Right from your logo to your office design and décor, every element will communicate to your customers and thus, you must focus on making it matter.

Pro Tip – A lot of home buyers are now searching on their mobile devices so make sure your website is responsive, your emailers open on mobile browsers and you spend some budget on mobile advertising. For all kinds of real estate advertising, the best support you can get is from an advertising agency, specializing in realty services. WDSOFT is one such agency in Pune, offering end-to-end services for all real estate projects. Right from naming your project to designing the marketing and advertising strategies, promoting sales, following digital media guidelines to assuring maximum unit sales, we help you at every step. Ready to make your real estate project a success?

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