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Branding Services for Food Businesses by WDsoft Pune


WDSOFT is a reputed branding, advertising and digital marketing agency in Pune. WDSOFT has an array of prestigious clients from different business verticals and domains. 

We understand food business dynamics and are aware of the latest trends in the market, evolving customer needs and challenges in the industry. With our expertise and experience in food brand building, and can help you in the following ways.

Some Important Stats

Food business is a multi-faceted business, with various business verticals working at different levels. Let’s have a look at some interesting statistics. 

  • The Food market in India is projected to grow by 8.40% (2023-2028) resulting in a market volume of US$1355.00bn in 2028.
  • In the Food market, 1.2% of total revenue will be generated through online sales by 2023.
  • The Food market is expected to show a volume growth of 5.6% in 2024.
  • The food industry is expected to reach employment figures of 1 crore by 2025, as per the Food Service and Restaurant Business Report 2022-23.

Considering these massive growth prospects, the food business is poised to spend a fortune on advertising, branding and marketing. This process starts from creating a unique and persuasive brand identity. 

Brand Identity Development for Food Businesses

Brand identity consists of the name, logo, symbol, and tagline of the brand. It showcases the core values, philosophy and product or service range of the brand. In short, brand identity is the face of the brand, its first impression. 

Naturally, food businesses invest a great deal in creating a memorable brand identity. The brand identity of a food product needs to be attention-grabbing, appealing and result-oriented. It should make the consumers aware of the delights that await them after they choose that food product or service. 

Food advertising is promoting the food product or service. It consists of communication strategies or activities, focused on understanding and fulfilling customer needs. Together, branding, advertising and marketing help businesses build a strong brand presence, create brand loyalty among its consumers, and achieve profitable business goals.

Food marketing encompasses activities such as market research, product development, pricing, distribution, advertising, and customer relationship management. The main objective of food marketing is to add value to peoples’ lives by offering quality food products, and to drive profitable growth for the food business. 

Custom Definition [Combination of Brand Identity + Advertising + Marketing]

Challenges faced by the Food Businesses

The food business faces several challenges during advertising and branding. One prominent reason is that the food industry is very competitive. Consumer needs and choices change. Compliance to rules and regulations is mandatory.  Some of the major challenges are:  

  • Being transparent about the nutritional content of the products, and matching the expectations, and winning the trust of health-conscious consumers. 
  • Standing out in a competitive market, and being unique without sacrificing on core values and food quality.
  • Creating strong presence on various digital marketing channels, online platforms including search engines, social media, food websites and so on. 
  • Earning good reviews on social media and favourable feedback organically.
  • Adhering to strict advertising and branding regulations of nutritional information, health claims etc.
  • Upholding the commitment to sustainable quality, ethical practices and responsible sourcing. 
  • Being sensitive to cultural differences and responsive to latest market trends, and consumer preferences, and planning the strategies accordingly. 
  • Handling the budget allocations, managing budget constraints, competing with prestigious brands and reaching out to a greater audience. 

Once the food businesses take the right steps to overcome these challenges, they are able to build a strong brand identity, win loyal customers, and achieve steady business growth. 

WDSOFT: Your Growth Partner in Food Business

Building your Brand Identity: Our team is highly creative and has extensive experience in branding. We will take your vision and values forward by developing a unique brand identity for you. 

Delivering Research-backed Solutions: We conduct thorough market research to identify your target audience, make competition analysis, and create communication that translates in profits. 

Giving all Branding Services Under One Roof: Right from logo design and packaging to digital marketing and stall designing, we offer end-to-end branding services to the clients from any domain.

Creating Customized Solutions: Our team is highly expert in crafting tailor-made solutions for our clients, depending on their goals, customer base, creative perspective, latest trends, and current challenges. 

Giving you a creative edge: Our branding concepts and execution is creative as well as strategic. The basic idea is to capture attention and create long-term impressions and lucrative revenue for you.  

Helping you Get Ranking and Visibility: We strive to enhance the visibility of your brand, product or services.  With a mix of traditional and digital media, we ensure you reach out to the right target audience.

Types of Food Businesses we serve
  • Food Product from packaged goods to gourmet items, with attractive labels, logos, and packaging 
  • Restaurants, Ethnic or Multi-cuisine, looking to establish a strong brand presence
  • Fast Food Joints and Eateries
  • Cafes and Pastry Corners
  • Food Trucks and Mobile Food Vehicles
  • Bakeries and Dessert Shops 
  • Catering Business- Individual and Companies 
  • Online Food Delivery Services
  • Specialty Food Stores catering to niche markets 
  • Health Food and Organic Stores
  • Beverage Companies
  • Gourmet and Fine Dining Restaurants
We specialize in 360-Degree Food Branding

WDSOFT is a Pune-based Branding agency, which is adept in bringing brands to life by out-of-the-box design and vibrant story-telling. Over the years WDSOFT has created winning design campaigns for esteemed clients across industries, including the food business. 

The agency is a three sixty-degree service hub with a holistic approach to branding and communication. WDSOFT serves in all aspects of brand design and development, communication, and marketing, ensuring a strong competitive edge for its clients in the food industry. 

WDSOFT has an impressive service portfolio, including a range of sub-services for food businesses as follows. 

  • Branding Strategy to ensure a cohesive brand presence across all media vehicles.
  • Audience Research to understand the target consumers’ choices, needs, behaviour patterns and likings. 
  • Market Research to understand the latest trends, competitors, and market scenarios to create effective branding solutions.
  • Brand Identity Development including logos, taglines, marketing collaterals, colours, and design elements that define the brand.
  • Brand Differentiation: Identifying unique selling points and key differentiators to position the brand distinctively in the market.
  • Brand Messaging and Storytelling, creating engaging narratives and messages that form a connection and express the brand values.
  • Brand Awareness by generating strategic initiatives for bold brand visibility and recall value. 
  •  Real Estate Brand Positioning for prestigious builders and their premium residential or commercial projects.
  • Branding Communication to convey brand message across various media platforms and generate response.
Brand Promotion for Food Businesses

WDSOFT has handled varied clients in the ever-changing food industry. Customer delight is the core, and the ultimate aim of any food business. So, the clients are extremely cautious and selective while choosing an agency for their brand. WDSOFT has matched the stringent quality standard of reputed food brands that have placed long-term trust in us for their brand promotion. We undertake the following branding activities for them.

Media/Collateral and Visual Asset Design

We develop creative and result-oriented collaterals, including handbills, flyers, brochures, leaflets, and other printed materials. We use professional content writing, food photography, graphic design to achieve the best results.

Digital Branding

It covers website, newsletter, digital marketing, bulk messaging, email marketing, mobile optimization of the website and online advertisements. 

Packaging Design

WDSOFT has expertise in design attractive and conceptual packaging for various food products. Our designs are practical, unique, and stands out on the shelves. 

Social Media Branding

We utilize this powerful digital tool to the best advantage of our food industry clients. We design and maintain their active profiles on relevant platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Our team creates engaging posts, contests, and stories for them.

Brand Management

Brand management consists of maintaining a positive brand image and reputation, and being empathetic and responsive. 

We also the brand promotion of our clients through the following initiatives:
  • Influencer Marketing and collaborations with food bloggers, vloggers and so on.
  • Product Launches, Promotional Events, Sampling and Demonstrations
  • Designing Discount Offers, Customer Loyalty Programs, Special Schemes. 

Having an integrated, media-savvy, and thoughtfully crafted brand promotion strategy goes a long way in establishing a strong brand. The best way ahead is to be consistent with your branding efforts, act positively on customer feedback, and change or evolve your promotional initiatives to optimize your brand's growth. WDSOFT is a perfect branding Partner in this regard. 

  • 20+ years of experience in branding, advertising, marketing, and communication industry.
  • A trusted name with a proven track record of successful brand campaigns and success stories.
  • Wide exposure, expertise, and experience in the food industry with strong domain knowledge.
  • Focus on creative branding and out-of-the-box ideas that beat the clutter. 
  • A strong team of brand strategists, designers, content writers, marketers, along with freelancers, vendors and service providers. 
  • A powerful portfolio of work on prestigious and varied clients in the food business

Trust WDSOFT Pune for your food branding needs, and we will come up with an innovative solution that fits the bill perfectly. We are trusted by industry stalwarts, and will deliver nothing but the best of the best, for you.