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B2B Digital Marketing Services in INDIA

At WDSOFT, we work in unison with B2B companies’ marketing teams to set up, optimize & manage their Digital Marketing campaigns across a wide range of channels including Content, Audio Visual, Display Advertising & Social Media. Our B2B marketing strategies result in greater reach, a wider target audience, quality organic and paid traffic, more leads. Since 2010 WDSOFT has been working with Manufacturing, Forging & Engineering companies to expand their brand.

There has been a paradigm shift in the B2B marketing methodologies in the post-pandemic world. And Digital Marketing has become ever more relevant for the B2B businesses.

B2B Lead Generation

The whole purpose of employing various digital marketing campaigns is to generate B2B leads. At WDSOFT we incorporate organic as well as paid channels & rich-content across the entire spectrum of digital & social marketing platforms with a sole goal of generating quality B2B leads.

B2B Website Design

Our B2B website strategy serves two purposes, first – reach to the target audience and second – engage the audience. Our B2B expertise brings years of experience in digital communications. We design “self-propelled” B2B websites that work as a lead generation machine.

B2B Content Marketing

We deploy a wide range of content across multiple channels that include website, blogs, landing pages, & Social Media etc. Our B2B Content Marketing strategy focuses on Case-studies, Whitepapers, Thought Leadership, Testimonials & Domain Expertise etc. Our B2B content strategy complements Search Engine Marketing campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization

Digital Marketing is dominated by SEARCH and Organic Search dominates with a 70% share. Your potential B2B customers use SEARCH to discover services/products on the internet. We bridge the gap by our proven Search Engine strategy. Our content strategy incorporates SEO elements in a natural way.

Understanding B2B Audience & Search Intent

A B2B business has a wide range of audience with diverse intentions. We focus on the “Search Intent” and deliver the appropriate content to a wide array of audience on Search as well as Social Media platforms. Our in-depth expertise in Social Media helps you target the right audience persona.

B2B Video Marketing

Videos are more engaging than textual content. At WDSOFT we have a highly skilled Video Making team who can create Corporate Videos, Company Profile Videos, Testimonial Videos etc. Our digital marketers are skilled in promoting these B2B videos on Website, Blogs, Video sites [like YouTube] & Social Media.

Paid Advertising

30% of the Search Traffic is driven by Google Display Ads. We can swiftly set up paid [pay-per-click] promotions for your B2B services/products. Our experienced Pay-Per-Click team will identify the right keywords and create appropriate content and landing pages. Our years of PPC experience guarantee higher conversion ratio and ROI.

Micro-blogging with Social Media

Multimedia content propagates faster on Social Media. Our team of graphic designers/video makers know what is the right content for B2B Social Media Marketing. Product/service promotions, case-studies, corporate videos, company news/updates, testimonials etc are some of the forms of micro-content we help you publish on Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn.

The WDSOFT Benefit

We have been providing media & communication solutions for B2B Companies in INDIA since 2010 and we are well adept with the B2B marketing and sales strategies. As a full service Digital Marketing Agency we work as your “extended” Marketing Department providing all the services – from Website design to Paid campaigns.