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WDsoft Pune is making its presence felt in the fast-growing field of video-making. Operating out of Pune, WDsoft Pune is a reputed and experienced video making agency proficient in catering to all verticals comprising animation videos, corporate videos, profile videos, presentation videos, product videos, product demo videos, educational videos, manufacturing videos, institutional videos and more.

Why Video is the need of the hour

As an accomplished video making company in Pune we are aware of the fact that visual depiction of ideas and messages create a much bigger impact as compared to mere text content or words. Marketers have realised this fact too, and are now applying it to create awareness about their products or services. Video presentation, in simple words, is making videos to promote a product or service instead of sticking to conventional modes of advertising. Advertising through brilliantly created video is a requisite in today’s times which smart marketers are adopting. As an experienced video maker in Pune we have realized that the basis of video marketing is in the factual premise that words at times fail in conveying precisely what we want to express.

Visual communication comes into the picture here, of which videos are an integral part. That’s a brief overview of video presentation and the significance of its emergence.

Videos are LIVELY

Videos add a personal touch to communication and make video advertising capable of helping you achieve your goals. Videos have the power of drawing you closer to your customers and clients far more effortlessly than text and images format do. As businesses are realising this fact, which is driven by various research efforts, most of them are rapidly switching over to this mode. This trend is being seen in the digital world too, and is slated to be a greatly preferred method of advertising in the coming times.

Video Making @WDsoft Pune

We at WDsoft Pune are among the first to have grasped the significance of video presentations. It prompted us to venture into this domain promptly and pushed us to act accordingly without wasting time. Consequently, we set about equipping ourselves fully to deliver top-notch quality video content to clients across varied verticals. At the present, we use the best technology and know-how for video making that include digital cameras and even drones. We also ensured we acquire high quality software, services of experts and of course, creativity and openness to innovation.

Video Presentation from Close Angle

Making a video, we believe, is not just an act of putting footage and scenes together, binding them with a storyline and packaging the ‘finished product’. For us, it is about suffusing soul into it, which is possible only if a deep sense of commitment and passion is felt. A video should make viewers sit up and take notice of what it is conveying, induce desire and get them to take the desired action.

We take all measures to make videos that are connecting as well as transmitted quickly to the correct objective crowd. Target promoting is one of the key components worth concentrating on dedicatedly for what it’s worth about being certain about where you’re going, and organizing quality over amount. Strategising along these lines enables us to join significant features of the item/administration and utilize financially savvy strategies that boost the effect of our endeavors.

In today’s hi-tech digital world, more and more people are becoming computer-savvy and posting content in sheer abundance. In such a scenario, it becomes important to make the video you wish to be your voice to stand out and capture viewers’ attention. Your video should not test your viewers’ patience; it should convey precisely what is important and what’s going to work. That can be achieved by focusing on videos that depict precisely what you want your target audience to see. This is the framework that works and within which we operate. Since videos are a highly influential mode of communication, devising what may be called a video content strategy is of immense help..

WDsoft Pune’s Video Content Strategy

Here are the signposts of a video content strategy around which we develop your video:

Knowing the Core of your Aim
Specifying what you have and what you can do for your target audience through your videos begins with being clear about your objectives in the first place. This will enable you to transmit what you will deliver through your video content. That’s what we do for you, for which we connect with your target audience, find the necessary information from various sources on the basis of your inputs and if needed, do something to simply bring a smile to their face initially before introducing them to your objective.

It goes without saying that research is a powerful tool that equips you with authentic knowledge and information. We discover what people belonging to your target segment want and accordingly convey how you are the right choice to cater to their needs. We create what grabs their attention completely, engage with them positively and in the process, become part of their journey eventually.

Develop the Message you Wish to Convey
We consult with you extensively in order to understand what exactly you want to achieve. Once we grasp the core of your message, we come up with the video content strategy that suits your objective and work on it.

This is an innately creative process, which involves the following steps:

  • Creating a Story
    We fuse imagination and facts with a view to building an engaging storyline for your video and then create a narrative on its basis. It gives the right push and ensures we are on the right track.
  • Crafting Script and Storyboard
    A video script inclusive of your message and story are then developed. It concretises the process that follows, which helps us visualize the finished outcome through a storyboard.
  • Filming and Editing
    Our production team gets into action and begin the process of filming. It is followed by editing and animation, where the story is finally chiselled into life.
  • This is how WDsoft Pune executes the entire procedure from start to finish in order to realise the goal- come up with a great video for your valued product or service that is sure to work.