We are Visual Storytellers

WDsoft is a seasoned, accomplished, experienced and creative Video Making Agency based in Pune, INDIA. We have a vast experience across all verticals in making Corporate Videos, Presentation Videos, Corporate Profile Videos, Product Videos, Product Demo Videos, Educational Videos, Institutional Videos, Manufacturing Videos and Animation Videos etc.

Market research has shown that people like to watch than read. That sums up the importance of VIDEO Presentation. Not all things can be communicated adequately by words. A video or a film can convey the message far more effectively.

A VIDEO offers the most personal touch when it comes to communicating with your consumers or clients. The power and potential of VIDEO advertising can be understood from the fact that companies across the globe spent a whopping $178 billion on TV commercials alone in 2017 - the reason being Audio/Visual (VIDEO) communication is the most effective way of Branding and Advertisement. In the Digital arena too VIDEO ads are gaining popularity at a very high pace, traditional textual and image ads are being replaced by interactive VIDEO Ads and soon VIDEO Ads will be at the forefront of all the advertising channels.

WDsoft is armed-to-the-teeth with latest video making equipment, digital cameras, drones, software, skills, techniques and creative ideas. WDsoft caters to array of client base across varied verticals.

Our Methodology

  • We go through a rigorous pre-production, production, and post-production processes.

Pre-Production activities include:

  • Thorough understanding of the client's business vertical, products/services, client audience.
  • Brainstorming, Conceptualization and Visualization
  • Script-writing, Creating Narration Content and Flow.


  • Setting up of the shoot
  • Filming
  • Interviews
  • Visual Effects
  • Photo-shoot


  • Editing
  • SFX
  • Sound
  • Title