What is an Online Marketplace
Background of Online Marketplaces
Why Sell On Amazon?
Advantages of Selling on Amazon
How can WDsoft help online retailers?

What is an Online Marketplace?

An Online Marketplace is an eCommerce platform provided to third party sellers to sell their services and products online by many Online Retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, OLX and PayTM.

A background of Online Marketplaces

The internet has taken the world by storm and we are spending more times of our lives online than ever. The whole world is online today and it offers a great opportunity to perform business online, selling, buying, searching and all such activities to fulfil the needs of the customer.

This digital platform and the activities have given rise to the need for Online Marketplaces.

Digital activities in India began with Travel and Tourism business, offers and stock exchanging and later advanced into pursuit of employment sites, marriage and the sky is the limit from there. The whole field took a turn after Amazon made its quality felt and transformed India into a web based shopping nation. In the present date, web based retailing is one of the most generally looked for after administrations on the web in India. Directly from day by day fundamentals, basic food item, cell phones, DSLRs, and exorbitant gear, nearly everything is been sold and purchased on different Online Marketplaces.

Why Sell On Amazon?

Advantages of Buying on Amazon Online Marketplaces

Amazon offers many advantages over the traditional retailing model:

That is one word that defines how Online Marketplaces has helped buyers with. Clubbed with bang-on digital marketing, buyers today don't have to look away from their screens or step out from their homes or offices to buy something. They simply have to search through the many Online Marketplaces available and get what they desire in simply few clicks.


Online Marketplaces like also offer flexibility, buyers don't have to wait up for shops to open or close, and one can simply log in 24/7 and get what they want. People who don't have time during the day to make it to a retail store can simply purchase what they want during a coffee break.

So many options

Another advantage that comes with Online Marketplaces is the variety it offers. If you go to compare products, there is virtually no limit to what you can purchase online from various Online Marketplaces such as Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, etc. They offer everything, right from a t-shirt to an Apple MacBook along with options in all the categories to choose from. Such vivid variety at Online Marketplaces makes it a universal place for all members of the family to shop.

Compare and buy

Thanks to Online Marketplaces, buyers have the opportunity to compare between various competitors across different platforms. They can compare quality, reviews, prices, and offers to decide where to purchase the desired item from.

Availability and reach

Online Marketplaces are accessible from anywhere and this includes smaller towns. It also allows small-town sellers to reach a larger marketplace for their products. Online Marketplaces such as OLX, Amazon, PayTM, and more, sellers can reach out to a nation-wide of customers for their services and products. At the same time, buyers from any corner of India have the ability to purchase items that were region-specific in the offline era.


Online Marketplaces provide reliability to customers since they have their own brand and people trust in their name. Indians purchase the cheapest to most expensive of things today through Online Marketplaces. These platforms have various business models along with a review system that helps people understand what they are purchasing. With warranty offers of replacement and money back, the reliability further extends.


Buyers can log on to several Online Marketplaces and check similar products available for various prices. This is because several sellers compete against each other on these platforms and provide the best possible price to get ahead of the competition. The buyer clearly gets the option to save money and get services or products they require at cheaper prices that would otherwise be higher purchasing through a local store.

Advantages of Selling on Amazon

Why Amazon Online Marketplace?

Online Marketplaces like Amazon are the new marketing platforms of the future. As a business, sellers can survive and grow ONLY if they add online marketplaces along with their offline model.

Targeting the right customers

Online Marketplace is a great place to sell your commodities and services. Coupled with the right digital marketing tools and techniques that these marketplaces have to offer, it is easy for sellers to reach their target audiences. And the targeting is such that the chances of converting them into buyers are very high.

Global Reach

Selling on Amazon Online Marketplace offers any local seller to reach a global audience very easily. As a seller all you have to do is stock inventory; follow the guidelines laid by Amazon Online Marketplaces and go ahead to add a new dimension to their sales.

Structured planning

Sellers on Online Marketplaces can measure their performance in a dynamic way and can check how they are faring through various digital marketing campaigns at the very root level. They can later make a course correction to their campaign and plan better to achieve maximum returns.

Lesser SEO overheads

Online Marketplaces themselves have their own digital marketing and SEO running in the background to put their listings on the top of search engines. This way, a seller doesn't have to hustle for search engine rankings; all they have to do is provide an excellent service that makes it to the top of their listings.

eCommerce ready

Online Marketplaces doesn't require additional setup or cost for eCommerce, they have their plans and sellers can choose which one suits their business the best.


Unlike traditional marketing techniques, Online Marketplaces offer a great deal of customization in order to help sellers to achieve better sales and a higher Return on Investment (ROI).

How can WDsoft help online retailers?

At Digital Marketing Company we can setup the Amazon Seller Account for our online retailing client or a Merchant Advertising account with We provide niche keyword-infused content for your online marketplace (like seller accounts which will make your product listing appear at the top in Google rankings.