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1000Bucks is a Financial Services Startup based in Pune. They hired us to design and execute their branding campaigns - online and outdoor. Our goal was to create brand awareness and develop brand identity by deploying creative online and outdoor/indoor campaigns.

Branding Strategy
It wasn't hard for us to concoct a branding strategy for the financial services provider startup. Our creative team brainstormed with the client to understand their business, core areas and identified their key USPs. After consultation with the client we chalked out their important services and products that needed special attention.

We had foreseen that the inclinations of money related items and administrations offered by the customer would change according to the market circumstance and request and henceforth we needed to keep the crusades adaptable, without adhering to one specific marking subject. This enabled us to send the marking efforts consistently with ideal outcomes.

Our strategists then came up with the list of marketing/sales collateral and office stationery items that would be the brand-ambassadors. It all started with the logo design.

Finance Company Logo
We re-designed a fitting LOGO for the Financial Services Startup that represents the character of the organization. We came up with the logo catch-line "Finance Mentor" and incorporated it in the logo. The re-designed logo features the the startup name "1000 Bucks" in word-mark style followed by the catch-line "Finance Mentor". The logo is designed in 2-tone colors violet and yellow. Violet color depicts richness and luxury while yellow stands for happiness and optimism - the attributes of which can be easily associated with the nature of the financial services startup. The LOGO was designed to be used on variety of branding channels - outdoor media, print media, digital marketing, marketing/sales collateral and office stationery.

Office Space Branding
We completely re-designed the financial services startup's office theme, the new theme featured the same Violet and Yellow color-combination. The office stationery, cubicles, desks, reception counter, pantry, furniture, walls, cabinets etc were changed accordingly to match the logo colors.

Marketing/Sales Collateral Design
As an experienced branding agency in Pune we understand the importance of office stationery and collateral in branding. It is very important to maintain the consistency in branding hence we re-designed all the office stationery and marketing/sales collateral. These include - letterheads, visiting cards, business cards, envelopes, signboard, standee, leaflets, pamphlets.

Office Stationery Design
We touched the rock-bottom in branding in this case. We re-designed all the office stationery and supplies, these included coffee mugs, paper-weights, binders, forms, paper-clips, binder-clips, tape, stamps, staplers, computer/laptop/printer covers, bottle covers, file-folders, labels, name-tags, post-it notes, covers, erasers, pen/pencils/markers, sharpeners, adhesives, diaries, card containers and pen holders, cell-phone covers, bags even the janitorial supplies were re-designed with violet/yellow color scheme and each item carried the logo of the financial services company.

Website Design for a Financial Services Company
Our Website Designers created a rich RESPONSIVE, device-independent and user-friendly website that is loaded with unique informative SEO-friendly content. The website 1000Bucks.com is created using WordPress Content Management System. The website structure and built has the SEO embedded in it.

On-Page SEO
The SEO operations include Content Architecture, Website Structure, Code Optimization, Page Load Test, UI/UX, Readability, Image Optimization, Tile tag optimization, meta tags, meta keywords, alt tag optimization, Sitemaps, Robots.txt etc.

Off-Page SEO
Keyword research, Content Creation, Google Console Account Creation, Google Analytics, Google Business Listings, Website Submission, Link Building etc.

Social Media Marketing and Optimization
Our SMO/SMM team created accounts across all major Social Media platforms - Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter, YouTube - to name a few. We also created unique and engaging content and graphics for social media promotions, in consultations with the client.

Outdoor Branding
Our graphic team designed creative campaigns for hoardings, banners, billboards and posters - in various sizes. The graphics were designed in a manner so that they could also be adapted for branding collateral and stationery. The theme of the Graphic and Content was to portray the startup's USPs.