B2B Website Design Examples

About the project




Inmet Technology Solutions pvt. ltd.


About the B2B Company

Established in 2017, INMET Technology Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has carved a niche in the cutting-edge technology of Metal Injection Moulding (MIM). INMET is trusted for capabilities in, "concept to product design", engineering, manufacturing, testing and validation. INMET caters to Defence, Industrial, Aviation, Automotive, Consumer electrical products and many other sectors. State-of-the-art manufacturing and design facility, global customer base, ability to deliver complex parts, highly stabilized processes and ‘No Compromise’ approach, are their strengths.

Website Design Challenge

It was a great opportunity for us at WDSOFT B2B Website Design Agency INDIA to provide website design services to the technology brand of the stature of INMET. Right from the beginning of the assignment, we were involved in the process of understanding their domain, processes, technology and infrastructure. Our aim was to create an engaging, visually appealing and corporate B2B website. This required comprehensive services including UI/ UX design services, website layout design, B2B content writing, infographic design services and commercial photography services.

Our Response

Our website design team responded to the task with total commitment. In order to create a responsive website design, we took complete briefs from the client, did research on the MIM domain and competitors and derived a strategy along with the client about the way forward. It was a very cohesive process full of client inputs and our performance.

B2B Website Platform

The INMET B2B website was built on the WordPress platform. The on-page SEO elements were incorporated and relevant content was created to facilitate the ranking of the website/web-pages in the search engines. The site is mobile friendly. The content is developed in-house with detailed briefs, inputs and reviews from the client. The website is designed with the purpose of showcasing the services, products & competency of the client. The website also serves as a platform for B2B Lead Generation, hence the SEO features, keywords have been incorporated in the website design.

Layout Design

The layout of the B2B website was kept neat and clean. We made it easy to navigate and it is reader-friendly. Our infographic design services team ensured a smooth flowing structure, with smart use of attractive infographics. The colour palette used is contemporary and corporate. The B2B website features approx 30 pages.

B2B Content Services

B2B websites help generate leads provided they rank higher in Search Engines. Content is the biggest SEO factor that decides how well the website would rank in the search engines. As a part of the B2B website design service we provided content writing services to the Metal Injection Moulding Company. In case of Metal Injection Molding company INMET, our content writers created a detailed content map for the B2B website and identified various content clusters that would manifest as individual web pages. Keeping in mind the "Corporate Website Best Practices", we created content that is concise & to the point. The content focuses on the services,products, industry sectors the company serves, certifications, core competencies, corporate values & philosophy. We delivered approximately 3000 words of content for the B2B website.

Photo Shoot of Factory and Products

WDSOFT Pune provided commercial photography services to the India based Metal Injection Moulding Company. Our professional and an experienced photography team visited the manufacturing unit near Pune for detailed photo shoot of the state-of-the-art set-up, machinery and products. The goal was to capture the stature and superiority of the brand through images.

The Result

The client was happy to have a good Corporate website designed by our team. The B2B website reflects on the professional values and work philosophy of INMET. The B2B website has become the prime media to showcase the products & services of the Metal Injection Moulding company.