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About the project






About the Client

The client “Fruitair” is a women's Self Help Group based in the Sindhudurg district of Konkan region, Maharashtra. The self-help group empowers over 600 women from the various tehsils in Sindhudurg. The group is engaged in various fruit-processing activities, of which Mango Pickle is a major product. The self-help group processes fruits like Mangoes, Amla [Indian Gooseberry], Kokum [Garcinia Indica], and Jackfruit to create syrups, candies, pulp, pickles, etc.

The challenges faced by the Self-Help Group

Mango Pickle is an integral part of every Indian household and particularly in Maharashtra where it is a much-loved part of the cuisine.

The mango pickle manufacturer self-help group wanted to forage in the retail market in major cities of Maharashtra and neighbouring states. Our client developed a high-quality food product but lacked the quality labelling and packaging that would entice urban buyers from the cities like Pune and Mumbai. The mango pickle manufacturing self-help group had to compete with the established food brands which featured premium labelling & packaging styles.

We at WDSOFT Pune had an opportunity to work on designing Packaging and Labels for the Mango Pickle by Fruitair Fruit Processing Self-Help Group, and we enjoyed it to the fullest. The expert and experienced team of WDSOFT researched various aspects of this task and came up with excellent results.

Importance of Packaging for a Pickle

There are various reasons why good packaging is important for a food product like mango pickle. It helps preserve freshness and flavour and also prevents exposure to air, moisture, contaminants, or bacteria growth. Neatly packaged pickles enjoy an extended shelf life, consistent quality, and taste.

Packaging makes pickles hygienic and safe. It is convenient for transportation and handling. It prevents crushing, damage, or leakage during transportation.
Another important factor for a product like Mango pickle is the Label & Packaging.

A well-designed, attractive packaging is a great way to capture the consumers’ attention and communicate the brand message. It also makes the product stand out from the clutter on the display shelf.

Packaging Design for the Fruitair Mango Pickle

Mango Pickle brings a great taste and spice to life. Hence the idea was to create refreshing and vibrant packaging and labels full of enthusiasm. Making it a bit fun-filled was agreed upon by the agency as well as the client. For this purpose, fresh colours were chosen. The logo was incorporated, and the image of the green mango was placed.

The packaging of the Mango Pickle looked very attractive and appealing, clarifying to the viewer the delightful experience awaiting them. To enhance the appeal, the product name was prominently stylized and the relevant product details were mentioned. Overall the packaging looked very smart, contemporary, and creative.

Label Design for the Fruitair Mango Pickle

WDSOFT branding agency in Pune has extensive experience in Food Label Design. For the Mango Pickle, we wanted the consumer to feel the spice and temptation of the pickle, right from the moment he looks at the pickle.

We designed the Mango Pickle Label by using the Fruitair brand colour along with the green of the raw mango. It represented the product well. The label designers added an image of the raw mango on the label. Other required details of the Mango Pickle were also added to the label. They included the ingredients of the pickle, bar code, price, weight, etc. The Mango Pickle Label reflects excellent design elements including balance, colour combination, usage, layout, space optimization, and so on.

The expertise and experience of WDSOFT Pune played a crucial role in the design process. The Packaging and Label Design of the Mango Pickle were highly appreciated by the client as well as the consumers. It has been successful in taking the brand journey forward.

Mango Pulp Label Design

Fresh yellow colour for mango pulp is what our designers chose for Fruitair's mango pulp. The reason behind this was so clear that we wanted to give the impression of mangos, within a second looking at the jar. We also added a picture of fresh mangos on the label and other important details. We and our client were satisfied by bringing the fruits’ freshness to the label.


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