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About the project






About the Client

Instamart is an online grocery store based in Pune, India. They have a large and loyal client base. Prompt delivery and excellent service are their strengths. Instamart is a vibrant brand for modern families and contemporary target audience.

Branding Challenge

When InstaMart launched its online grocery store services in Pune, India, they hired WDSOFT Pune as a branding agency for their Grocery Store Branding. Our task was to create a logo and branding collateral that aligned with the client's requirements and come up with a comprehensive advertising strategy and solutions for their brand.

Our Solution

When InstaMart approached WDSOFT Pune to handle their grocery store branding, we started with an internal brainstorming session. Our team of branding experts focused on the client's brand properties and conducted an in-depth analysis of their competitors. Based on our findings, we developed a range of ideas, color schemes, visual presentations, and creative messages for the convenience store branding campaign.

To ensure that our branding strategy aligned with the client's brand philosophy and resonated well with the target audience, we thoroughly studied their brand and target audience. Our approach was to create a branding campaign that not only stood out in the market but also communicated Instamart's unique selling points to its potential customers effectively.

By combining our expertise with the client's inputs, WDSOFT Branding Agency was able to create a comprehensive branding strategy that successfully captured the essence of Instamart's product proposition and increased its customer engagement.


To promote the Instamart online grocery store, we developed an all-encompassing outdoor advertising strategy. Our marketing team identified the prime locations and platforms across Pune to launch the advertising campaigns, such as hoardings, billboards, banners, danglers, etc. We also incorporated the standard branding collateral into the advertising campaigns.

Graphic Design

Our graphic designers crafted advertising creatives, keeping in mind the nature of the business - GROCERY and the target audience - URBAN SHOPPERS. They used the colour "GREEN" and its variations extensively. Furthermore, the graphic designers at WDSOFT Pune maintained the colour scheme consistency throughout all branding collateral, from the logo to the advertisements.


The Instamart advertisements were strategically placed across various platforms, including social media. The campaign generated a great response, primarily because of the visually appealing imagery and concise, clear communication.

Our team carefully curated the advertisement content, keeping in mind the target audience's preferences and interests. By using engaging visuals and compelling taglines, we were able to create a lasting impact on the viewers' minds.

The advertising campaign successfully conveyed the brand's message and value proposition, effectively highlighting Instamart's competitive advantage in the online grocery store market.

Vehicle Branding

Our Instamart vehicle branding campaign generated significant brand exposure and a lasting impact on potential customers. The eye-catching visuals effectively grabbed the attention of people, even while on the move, and left a positive impression on them.

With this Convenience Store Branding, we were able to create an association of Instamart with convenience, speed, and reliability. The strategically placed branding on vehicles enabled us to reach a broader audience in a cost-effective manner.

T-shirt and Bag Design

We also designed T-Shirt and Bag for Instamart. The design elements, including the logo, color scheme, and typography, were carefully chosen to reflect the brand's appeal. The T-Shirt and Bag design effectively captured the essence of Instamart's brand identity, resulting in increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Digital Signboard and Standee

One part of this grocery store branding was digital signboard. The benefits of the digital signboard include its trendy look, attention grabbing visuals and mass appeal. WDSOFT designed an attractive digital signboard and standee for Instamart.


Overall, the Instamart Grocery Store Branding done by WDSOFT Branding Agency in Pune, was a resounding success and helped Instamart to establish its brand identity and increase customer engagement. The entire communication surpassed the client's expectations and achieved the desired result by generating a buzz and increasing the footfall on their online grocery store.