Graphic Design Case-Study Example – Solapur Marathon

Solapur Marathon Poster Design

Road Side Divider Design

Solapur Marathon Hoarding Design

Solapur Marathon Billboard Design

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About the project




Solapur Marathon


The organizers of Solapur Marathon approached us for graphic design services. In response we created branding posters with vibrant colors that reflect on the essence of the sport activity and the city.

  • We extensively used blue and red colors and their shades:
  • Red color to highlight: Youthful, Energy, power, vigor, courage, leadership and passion.
  • Blue Color to Highlight: Wisdom, Friendliness and Trust.
  • Orange color to highlight: Enthusiasm and Fun.
  • White Color to Highlight: Purity and Cleanliness.

To create a sense of citizenship and belonging we included the illustration of the iconic Bhuikot Fort of Solapur.

The graphics were created in all size and shapes and in various formats to be promoted across all branding channels - online to outdoor. And from posters and standees to hoarding and digital signboards.