Logo Design for Sweet Shop | Branding & Advertising for Fast Food Restaurant

"Kadhai" Sweet Shop Logo

Kadhai logo printed on T-Shirt used by the sweet shop staff.

Kadhai Sweet Shop Menu Card Cover Design

Kadhai Fast Food Restaurant's Menu Card Design

Kadhai Fast Food Menu Card Design

Creative Menu Card featuring "Line Art Graphics"

Hotel Stationery Designed for Kadhai Fast Food

Food Bag Designed for Kadhai Fast Food

Sweet Box designed for Kadhai Sweet Shop

Mockup of Kadhai Sweet Shop Outdoor Ad

Post graphics designed for Kadhai Sweet Shop's Social Media promotions

Standee Ad Design

Indoor Banner Design

Kadhai Sweet shop's Outdoor Advertising Banner

Newspaper [Print Media] Ad Designed for Kadhai Sweet Shop

About the project





Kadhai Sweet Shop


Kadhai is a Sweet Shop located in Aundh Pune famous for Namkeen & authentic Bengali mithai [sweets]. We were tasked with creating a branding & advertising campaigns for the Sweet Shop a.k.a Namkeen Shop [Indian Fast Food Restaurant]. The Kadhai sweet shop had to compete with the established local sweet brands.

Branding Solutions

As part of the Branding undertaking we designed an appropriate logo for the Sweet Shop along with other collateral such as Menu card, Sweet Box Packaging, Hotel Stationery, for the Sweet Shop. We transformed all the Sweet Shop stationery into Brand collateral, giving the Sweet Shop an unique identity. The sweet box packaging and the hotel stationery were much appreciated by the customers of the Kadhai Sweet Shop, as was the purpose.

Advertising Solutions

As a 360-degree advertising agency we know that Branding alone cannot help any business grow, you need to reach out to the people with the relevant advertising channels. We created several advertising campaigns for indoor, outdoor, print and digital media. Our advertising solutions include designing posters, flyers, hoardings [flex], print media & newspaper advertisements, social media etc, for the Sweet Shop. The ads we created did their job as planned. There was a steep increase in the number of visitors to the sweet shop.

Graphic Design for Social Media Posts

Our goal was to reach to the potential customers on Social Media. We ran several social media [Facebook & Instagram] campaigns for the Sweet Shop which featured crisp food photos and engaging info-graphics. Our Social Media Marketing techniques helped Kadhai Sweet Shop connect with new customers.