Logo Design for Pet Food Company

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Logo Design for Pet Food Company 


Logo Solution Summary

As a leading Branding Agency in INDIA, we crafted a logo for a pet food company based in Australia, the pet food company that encapsulates its commitment to high-quality pet products. Healthy pet owners will find resonance in the design, which features a happy dog silhouette with a leaf motif signifying natural ingredients and love for pets. With a colour palette of earthy greens and calming blues, the logo communicates vitality and trust. This modern, versatile symbol reinforces our client's dedication to pet wellness, enhancing its brand presence across diverse platforms.

About the Client

Ibex Canine Dog Training and Behaviour Melbourne, is an Australian-based food company focused on producing high-quality, nutritious products. Specialising in dog supplements for joint health, allergies, and digestion, including probiotics, they plan to expand into skincare with paw balms, shampoo, and toothpaste. Products are formulated in Australia for quality and manufactured in India for efficiency, combining with global expertise. With a commitment to innovation, the client aims to serve a worldwide market with premium pet care solutions, emphasising quality and holistic health.

Client Expectations

Our Australian client aimed to launch pet food products emphasising health, purity, vitality, healing, positivity, and holistic natural ingredients. Their primary goal was to create a standout logo that reflects their values, quality, and natural ingredients, resonating emotionally with pet owners. Aspiring to serve a global market, they wanted their products to be perceived as premium products. Additionally, they sought a versatile logo design suitable for various platforms, including their website, packaging pouches, boxes, round tins, and printing cards.

Logo Design Solution by WDSOFT

WDSOFT Logo Design Company in India, created a combination mark logo that blends text and graphics into a cohesive symbol that captures the brand's essence. It's adaptable and instantly recognizable across different mediums for consistent brand representation.

Color and font used in the logo:

Logo Colour Scheme:

  • Green: Symbolises health, nature, and freshness, representing the natural ingredients used in the pet food.

Logo Text Font:

  • Buneta: Buneta font exudes modern authority with solid, high contrast, ensuring standout visibility across platforms.
  • Poppins: Poppins font offers clear, contemporary subheadings, ensuring modern clarity across diverse mediums with geometric design and consistent strokes.

Meaning & Concept of the Logo

The Bark Botanica company logo blends health and vitality with canine-friendly elements. The main component of the design is a happy dog silhouette with a leaf motif that stands for organic materials. A swirling line represents the digestive tract and the pet's tail, suggesting ease. Earthy greens and calming blues evoke nature. A pleasant tagline like "Natural Wellness for Pets" and the company's modern, contemporary name implies trust and appeal to caring pet owners.


Relevance to the Client's Business

The logo designed by WDSOFT effectively communicates the client's core values and product quality. The dog's body subtly incorporates a leaf motif, symbolising natural ingredients and holistic health, and also represents the heart shape, symbolising love for pets. This logo captures the crux of the brand, appealing to the target market in the competitive pet food industry. It operates as a modern, timeless symbol of the client's commitment to providing high-quality, nutritious food for dogs, enhancing brand visibility and consumer appeal.


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