Brochure Design for Sai Shraddha Graphite

Brochure Design for Sai Shraddha Graphite

About the project




Sai Shraddha graphite


About the Client

Sai Shraddha graphite equipment and System is India’s one of the leading graphite heat exchanger manufacturers. Since 2007, Saishraddha graphite equipment and System in Nashik has been designing, manufacturing, servicing, and installing a wide range of graphite heat and mass transfer equipment.

Sai Shraddha Graphite provides support for all the delivered products throughout their life cycle. They also provide installation and commissioning of equipment and systems supplied by them as well as by any graphite equipment manufacturer in the world.

  • Maintaining graphite equipment, such as heat exchanger descaling, graphite block replacement, repairs, re-impregnation, and refurbishment.
  • Fast emergency assistance services
  • Process lines check-up and diagnosis
  • Training customers regarding installation, commissioning, and maintenance of graphite equipment at our works regularly.

B2B/B2C Industries the Client Serves :

  • Bulk drug industry
  • Drug and pharmaceuticals
  • Agrochemical industries
  • Phosphate fertilisers and phosphonic acid
  • Steel Industries
  • Metal processing
  • Paper and Pulp Dyes industries
  • Chlor alkali industry

Core Principles of Sai Shraddha Graphite :

  • Perform the work safely and professionally
  • Listen to our clients and carry out their requests in the manner and methods they would want.
  • Incorporate technology and innovation to enhance our services continuously.
  • Encourage the professional growth of our staff so that we can better serve our clients.


The challenge for WDSOFT was to create the brochure for Sai Shraddha Graphite. The factors to consider included the company's core strengths, the work they do, why it is important, and so on. The brochure was a crucial component of a business's expansion, and it was intended to reflect the values of the organisation as well as its work environment and culture.

Our Response

In terms of establishing brands and generating subjective communication, the WDSOFT Branding Agency in Pune is a reputable name. To complete the work by the deadline, we have an experienced internal workforce. We started by exploring the business and figuring out its strengths. We requested high-quality photographs from clients and. the necessary data for design purposes.

Brochure Design

We chose to use Helvetica font and a red colour scheme for the brochure design of Sai Shraddha Graphites because they align with their brand's identity and values. Helvetica is a classic font that is easy to read, making it an effective choice for conveying information. Red is the brand's primary colour, so using it prominently in the design helps to reinforce the brand's identity and increase brand recognition. By using these elements strategically and balancing them with white space, we were able to create a brochure that is visually appealing and effective at communicating our message.

Importance of Brochure

A brochure is a type of marketing tool that is used to provide detailed information about a company, product, or service to prospective customers. It can be a physical or digital document that highlights the key features and benefits of the offered product or service.

Brochures are popular for businesses of all sizes because they are visually appealing and easy to read. They are an inexpensive and convenient way for a company to promote itself at events, trade shows, or through direct mail campaigns. A well-designed brochure can also help a business establish its brand identity and provide valuable information to potential customers, allowing them to make informed decisions about products or services.


The client, Sai Shraddha Graphites, expressed their satisfaction and appreciation for the brochure created by WDSOFT Pune. They widely distributed the brochure for both internal and business purposes.

WDSOFT Pune's skilled team and end-to-end production capability were crucial factors in achieving this successful outcome. The project served as a testament to WDSOFT Pune's credibility and helped establish a strong relationship with the client. Future collaboration with them is something we are looking forward to.